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Unmarried Delay Cannot Interrogate Me About My Husband – Ohemaa Woyeje



In a recent development within the Ghanaian media and entertainment scene, sensational Ghanaian media personality and host of Angel FM’s Mid-morning show, Ohemaa Woyeje has criticized her colleague,Deloris Frimpong Manso, otherwise known as Delay, for her inquiries about her marriage life during an interview some 2 years ago.

According to her, Delay’s real intention during their interview on the ‘Delay Show’ 2 years ago was to probe her about rumors of her husband’s infidelity, rather than to promote her as some viewers of the show had perceived.

Speaking during an interview on Class TV’s Class Showbiz,  Ohemaa disclosed she deliberately acknowledged the rumors about her husband’s infidelity to signal Delay that she was aware of the interviewer’s ulterior motives for the interview.


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“Delay invited me for the interview because of that question (rumors about my husband’s infidelity). When you are married, you should know how to handle marital issues. The likes of Adwoa Saah and Tima lay low. The person interviewing me is not married and does not discuss her relationship on her show. No marriage is perfect, so I wouldn’t allow an unmarried person to question me about my husband’s life. She doesn’t even discuss her own relationship on her show. My response was to let her know she couldn’t catch me off guard. She didn’t interview me for publicity; she had a different agenda, and I knew it,” she said.  

The media personality, who doubles as a brand influencer further asserted that her relationship with Delay soured when she transitioned from Top Radio to Oman FM, adding that Delay couldn’t transfer her listeners due to various reasons, resulting in some tension between them.

“On a normal day, Delay would not call me for an interview because she did not like me after leaving Top Radio. She was unable to transfer the listeners from Top Radio to Oman FM, and there was some strange rivalry. She had never called me before. So, if you observe the interview, she acted as if she didn’t know me, even though we were friends. So, when someone pretends, you also pretend,” she added.

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