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Unmarried people are not automatically unhappy- Serwaa Amihere



Single women over 30 in most African Countries, especially Ghana, can never catch a break.

No matter how successful you are, people always find a way to rub marriage in your face.

Although the people of Ghana are a very religious group, hence, believe that, “God’s time is always the best,” they never seem to apply that same saying when it comes to marriage.

One of the many successful single women over 30 in Ghana who has been asked the “when are you getting married” question is  award-wining Broadcaster, Serwaa Amihere.


Although Ms. Amihere has done amazing for herself, her “womanhood” is not complete without a man by herself, according to Ghanaians.

While some equate getting married as the ultimate form of happiness for a woman, Serwaa thinks otherwise.

In a tweet on Monday, Serwaa stated that people always assume married people are not happy.

According to her, getting married does not automatically make one happy.


“Unmarried does not automatically mean unhappy. To marry is also not to be happy,” she tweeted.



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