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Upgraded!!! 600 DStv subscribers rewarded with bouquet upgrades



Over the past two weeks DStv subscribers have been enjoying four additional channels at no extra cost as part of the Reward Scheme recently launched dubbed DStv Thanks. The four channels consist of Nina TV, Trigger, Zee Bollymovies and Viasat Life have been received with great excitement by subscribers countrywide. At the launch of this reward scheme, DStv announced that these rewards were only going to become better as time went by; as they had even more exciting offers to show appreciation for the continued patronage by subscribers. Speaking to Mr. Cecil Sunkwa Mills, General Manager, Multichoice Ghana, six hundred subscribers have just been rewarded with an upgrade of their subscription to a higher package at no extra cost. He explains that these subscribers who for instance paid for Access were switched on to the Compact package, those on the Family package to were upgraded to Compact Plus whilst those who reconnected to the Compact package were upgraded to Premium for one whole month. This reward allows these subscriber to view the extra content that they miss by subscribing to their original packages and forms and forms part of the earlier launch DStv Thanks campaign. “We have listened to our customers to understand their changing lives, the pressures they face and what matters most to them. MultiChoice Ghana is committed to using these insights to put our customers at the heart of all the decisions that we make every day to deliver value by making great entertainment more accessible” said Mr. Sunkwa Mills. Throwing more light on the mechanics of this reward scheme Mr. Omar Fawell, Retention Manager, MCG, said subscribers were sent a text message asking them to renew their subscription before their due date to have their subscription upgraded. The first six hundred subscribers who did as requested have since been sent another SMS confirming they have been upgraded to either the Compact, Compact Plus or Premium depending on what package they earlier subscribed to. He urged subscribers to ensure that their contact details (telephone number, email and address) are always up to date on their account so they will receive all relevant communication DStv sends out for current and future promos and rewards.]]>

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