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Use celebrities to rather educate youth on the dangers of alcohol – Wiyaala to FDA



Sensational Ghanaian Afro-pop singer and songwriter, Noella Wiyaala Nwadei, professionally known as Wiyaala has shared her thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding the ban on alcohol advertisements by celebrities imposed by the Food and Drug Authority.


According to her,  instead of simply banning such advertisements, celebrities can be utilized to educate the public about the risks associated with alcohol consumption.


Speaking in an interview on the Afternoon Show on TV3, the renowned musician opined that FDA can use celebrities positively by means of educating the populace on the dangers of alcohol intake rather than an outright ban on advertisement.

“Instead of just banning it, use us to actually educate people on alcohol. Use as positively, they should not only look at the negatives. They can actually use celebrities to educate people on alcohol not just for consumption.

“They should think deep about it. Sometimes the solution is not just running away from it but tackle the problem and you will find good solutions,” she said.

Wiyaala further emphasized the importance of addressing the issue rather than avoiding it, suggesting that the FDA should provide clear guidelines and regulations rather than a blanket ban.


She also highlighted the distinction between influencing and promoting, expressing her concerns about the ambiguity in the FDA’s directive.

“I personally don’t want to be a brand ambassador for alcohol because there’s a fine line between influence and promotion… influence is more of an action from my point and promoting is a more of a choice. FDA should really come out with rules and regulations instead of just banning. They should come up and just explain into details why,” she added.

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