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Useful Selfie Techniques You Should Be Aware Of



The Five Cosmopolitan Tips On Taking A Selfie

Who is going to be one of the most trusted authorities in America as regards beauty? Does the word “Cosmopolitan” come to mind? It should, because this magazine has been at the forefront of beauty trends in America, and by extension much of the world, for many decades. As new trends develop, new beauty tips best practices come about.

Several distinct tips you may want to think about as it comes to taking beautiful selfies are lined out by Cosmopolitan in this article. They include the following: be sure you look up at the camera, push your head forward so it’s away from your neck, hold your phone to the side rather than right in front of you, relax the mouth, exhale through the lips, then get into position for the selfie and rotate yourself until you find which lighting best describes you.

Additional Techniques

Now certainly, these five tips aren’t the only ways of looking your best for a selfie. Some additional tips include authenticity. The more authentic you appear in your selfies, the more naturally beautiful you’ll be. Here’s what you want to think about that Cosmopolitan may not consider: everyone has been using the same selfie techniques for a little over ten years now.

Since smartphones became capable of taking high-definition photos, people have been snapping selfies like wild, and doing every trick they can think of to make themselves look absolutely gorgeous. The two primary things, beyond attitude, are lighting and angles. The better your lighting, the more appropriate your angle, the better the picture turns out. 


However, when you’ve got authenticity in addition to lighting and angles, it’s actually hard not to take a good selfie. This is something Cosmopolitan forgets. See, big-ticket magazines like that have an ephemeral perspective that’s quite shallow as regards beauty. It forgets that what defines beauty is in continuous transition over time.

Instead, such groups tend to lump everybody under one category of beauty; something defined by trends rather than reality. However, you’ve seen attractiveness in non-traditional people owing to the spirit animating their activity. Cameras can’t always catch that, and with selfies it’s easy to “fake” it. On a subconscious level, people can tell.

Be True In The Pictures You Take

So instead of trying to “fake it” like the Instagram models, who everyone knows are “synthetic” in their beauty, be true. Wait until you’re feeling good, and in a good place, to snap a selfie. Certainly you can use the techniques outlined earlier, but sometimes your best pictures will be totally accidental.

Also, be sure to look into secondary resources pertaining to beauty tips. Not all the mainstream options will serve you as they should. Here’s another site with some useful tips for making a selfie. Find resources like this to round out your strategy for best results. Because there is something else to consider regardless of how well the pictures turn out.

If you use all the techniques Cosmopolitan advises, and you incidentally misrepresent yourself for a dating profile or a social media site, then when you meet people in the real world, there will be an invisible social wall between you. This happens owing to the disconnect they have in their mind from the person they saw online, and the person they see now.


When you’re taking good selfies that don’t represent you, people don’t like it. So though you may have some pictures that look so good, you can’t believe it’s you in the middle of them, you’re sending mixed messages to people in the “real” world. Today, people crave authenticity. When you are more beautiful in the real world than your selfies, that says something.

Getting The Best Selfies You Can

Find ways of taking selfies that let your true spirit shine out, and don’t merely focus on ephemeral characteristics. Granted, a new makeup or hair style may be just the thing for a new selfie; but be as real as you can.

In summation, look into tips and tricks from top-tier beauty groups like Cosmopolitan. But also, be authentic, and let your true inner beauty shine through in the photos you take. Follow tips like these, and you’ll take selfies that aren’t just beautiful on the surface, but are downright artistic.

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