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VERNA Mineral Water Embodies Health, Innovation, Compassion
….Low in sodium – balanced pH Level – Changing Peopes’ Lives



In a remarkable stride towards a refreshing transformation, TwelliumIndustrial Company Ltd
introduces the new and captivating face of VERNA Minera Water. Twellium Industries has been a trailblazer in the beverage industry, consistently delivering quality products that resonate with
heath-conscious consumers. The recent revamping of VERNA Mineral Waterbrand,accompanied
by a heartfet new logo, unveils a fresh era of wellness, innovation, and compassion, leaving an
indelible mark on both the ocal and globa markets.
At the heart of this rejuvenation lies the idea of sharing love, aptly encapsulated in the tagine
“Share Love with VERNA Mineral Water.” This sentiment echoes through the new heart-shaped
logo, symboizing not just physica health, but a holistic approach to welbeing. This visual
identity resonates strongly with Ghana’s finest ceebrities who have endorsed the product,
forming a powerful union that extends beyond a mere marketing campaign.

The likes of Gifty Anti, Cookie T, Zynel Zuh, and Sammy Fex have lent their voices to VERNA’s
mission, making its presence felt in households across the nation. Their appearance in the
brand’s recent TV commercial underlines the tangible benefits of embracing VERNA Mineral
Water as a part of one’s daily routine. This crisp, purified water boasts a trifecta of qualities: low
sodium content, an optimally baanced pH leve, and essential electrolytes. These attributes
synergistically contribute to a healthier lifestyle, making VERNA an ideal hydration choice for
those who seek both purity and wellbeing.

Peer beneath the surface, and you’ll find a symphony of minerals and essential nutrients dancing
in every drop of VERNA Mineral Water. Its meticulously composed minera profile not only
refreshes but also enriches. The water’s performance is elevated by its optimal mineral
composition, which includes vital electrolytes, essential for maintaining fluid balance, nerve
function, and muscle health.
Twelium Industrial Company Ltd is an international renowned company with ISO and HACCP
certifications. These acknowledgments underline the company’s unwavering commitment to
quality, safety, and purity. Thriving in innovation, the company’s flagship product, VERNA Mineral
Water, demonstratesthe fusion of aesthetics and functionality.
VERNA Mineral Water’s excellence extends beyond just a label or logo. Garnering numerous
accolades, it has cemented its position as the quintessentia water brand in Ghana. The
beverage’s impeccable taste and health-conscious features have won hearts, minds, and awards,
setting the benchmark for the industry.
While quenching thirst is essential, VERNA Mineral Water’s mission transcends the bottle.


The brand’s impactful CSR campaign, apty named “VERNA Changing Lives,” has uplifted countless
lives across the nation. From contributions to hospitals, scholarships for education, to fostering
job opportunities and supporting communities, VERNA is a catalyst for positive change, reflecting
the company’s commitment to holistic wel-being and societal growth.

In endorsement by the Ghana Medical Association, VERNA Minera Water has earned not just the
trust of consumers but also the stamp of approval from the medical fraternity. This endorsement
serves as a testament to the water’s health benefits and reliability, further solidifying its position
as a symbol of wellness.
In conclusion, VERNA Mineral Water has embarked on a transformative journey, marrying health,
innovation, and compassion. With a revamped look, an array of heath benefits, and a strong
bond with celebrities, VERNA is not merely a beverage but a lifestyle choice. Supported by
Twelium Industrial Company Ltd’s impeccable standards, it exemplifies the marriage of purity,
taste, and social responsibility. As the heartshaped logo suggests, VERNA Mineral Water is here
not only to hydrate but to nourish, upift, and inspire –truly embody the essence of sharing

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