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VGMA Fashion Gone Wrong: What were they thinking?



It appeared that some ‘stars’ wanted to turn heads at the 2012 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for all the wrong reasons, at least fashion-wise! From outlandish outfits to ridiculous styles, some of them had it wrong on the red carpet and they had it wrong pretty bad. Topping my list is a woman I like to call ‘wonder woman’ not only because her name is still unknown to me but also because I think her outfit could pass for the a superhero’s suit – for some strange reason, Atom Ant comes to mind. Apparently a popular Ghanaian singer living in the UK, the ‘wonder woman’ had people asking who she was during the award ceremony and people are still asking who she is all over the internet.  Whoever she maybe, nothing can quite explain her outlandish dress on the night. From the long gloves and stockings to her red tie and red goggles, nothing worked for this ‘sexy mama’ apart from getting us to wonder who she is. The still growing R&B singer, Sala looked ghastly and uncomfortable in what could be best described as rags.  Her absolutely ridiculous black dress looked unfinished and confusing. She looked like she just cut out some fabrics to wrap around her waist and boobs. And what was with the wrap around her neck? She completely had it wrong; it was shapeless and unfair to her gorgeously sexybody. Another person who had it completely wrong was the foxy former radio and TV presenter, simply known as Dede. Dede, who recently returned from the US, had people guessing where she did her shopping back in the US. She looked like a confused rock star performing in a cheap bar in Las Vegas.  Although her white micro shorts and jackets looked like too little clothing, Dede still managed to appear overdressed with her outrageously huge earrings, rings, watch and bracelets. Clearly she wasn’t going for glam and most likely wouldn’t care what anyone has to say; a true rock star. Rounding up my list of least favorite red carpet appearances is singer, Nadjat and her over flamboyant costume. I say costume because it looked like something from a children’s play to represent a butterfly.  It seemed like her date for the night, Stay Jay had stolen her comb and I am still trying to make sense of the wings attached to her back.  Nadjat hinted on the red carpet that apart from her music, she is also into making clothes; and guess who made her dress! Perhaps Nadjat will style some stars for next year’s red carpet and give us some new fashion offenders to talk about when we meet again to look at fashion gone wrong at the VGMAs.]]>



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