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Virtual sex: is it really possible to find a sex partner online?



For over a decade, modern, bored out with traditional intercourse people has been exploring a new way to satisfy one’s libido. As opposed to regular, virtual sex is convenient in that it’s available at all times and it doesn’t oblige you in any way. Moreover, people craving for lust and sexual satisfaction can stay anonymous if they want, which only enables them to be more open and willing. The significant downside is that those looking for something more than just a pleasant, remote person to flirt with for a couple of hours in a virtual partner may oftentimes be disappointed.   Particularly, the common opinion is that the vast majority of women you can meet in video chatrooms are only interested in making money. Some of them even have their families and whatnot, while sexually-themed web resources are nothing but a full-time job for them. So is this really the case? Let’s try to figure this out.

Virtual sex sites aren’t only for freaks

Online virtual sex is among the most non-standard ways to fulfill one’s sexual fantasies. And it’s still more healthy than alcohol or other harmful substances. Masturbation positively reinforces the human psyche as the organism secretes the ‘hormones of happiness’ – endorphins, while the means of connection through web can indicate a good developed intellectual level of a partner.   Going further into topic, experts from the International center of sex and marriage research in the USA, having conducted a polling among several thousands of Internet users, indicated that over 90% of voluntarily answered to medics web users spend from 1 to 10 hours per week cyber flirting. At the same time, more than 1% of respondents can be characterized as ‘virtual maniacs’, spending over 11-15 hours a week on cyber flirting. ‘This group doesn’t seem to be that numerous at the first glance, but it is hundreds of thousands of people, – the leading expert of the center Al Cooper says. – It’s a real pandemic no one discusses as of yet’. Still, there never has been and unlikely to appear a solid ground for stating that resources of the discussed nature have only mentally disturbed people registered.

So how do I not ‘get burned’ communicating with regular virtual sex website users?

The procedure of registration of rooms on websites like Chaturbate becomes more and more multi-staged by the year, taking much of their owners’ time. This is done with the sheer purpose to let one stay 100% sure that they are talking to the real person and real owner of a certain chat room. This, however, requires new users to spend about half an hour filling out the personal information form.   Nevertheless, the result of such a consistent approach to the registration security is a really good thing. Users that come to come ‘just to watch’ can view hundreds or even thousands of detailed, well-structured forms with quality portfolios of models. In such a manner, everybody can find in literally a few minutes the person that would fit all individual preferences.   As for the true motivation and reason of women registered on such websites to do the work they’re doing, completely false things still can be mentioned in the forms. So how does one identify if it’s a gold digger you’re flirting with online or a girl truly willing to try something out in virtual sex? Let’s answer this question.

5 criterions to help you define the sincerity of your virtual partner’s intentions

Try paying close attention to the following moments in order to understand how sincere your virtual partner is.  
  • environment, in which a model is working. If you see a spacious apartment with professionally adjusted lighting and high-def camera, a model is most probably working in the special studio. No use expecting sincere mutual feelings from a real professional in the niche;
  • a number of models in frame. There are rooms where several models work at once. Rest assured that those are also professional models that register their profiles initially with the intent to make money (as a rule, lesbian shows are valued much higher than a solo model show);
  • model’s rating. If a model is in the top of the website, that means that earning a living there is their top priority, not looking for a virtual partner;
  • a model’s form’s age. Models that have been registered on the resource for over two years are professional webcam models. Therefore, there’s no use in starting communicating with such workers if you are looking for some kind of relationships;
  • model’s nationality. According to practice, girls from Eastern Europe go far and wide in their efforts to get a hold of their foreign virtual lovers’ money. Slavic models will do that pretty often and you should about this to stay sharp.




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