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Vodafone Ghana’s “CARE Month” to Spotlight Digital Tools and Customer Empowerment



Vodafone Ghana has launched its annual “CARE Month” amplifying its commitment to customer service excellence and digital innovation. Coinciding with the global celebration of International Customer Service Week, Vodafone Ghana’s CARE Month is a testament to the company’s dedication to its customers. 

This year, the global theme for International Customer Service Week is “Team Service.” However, Vodafone Ghana has taken it a step further by dedicating the entire month of October to its customers, dubbing it “Vodafone CARE Month” with the theme “Team Service, Live Digital.” 

The theme embodies a dual message. For Vodafone’s staff, it is a call to action to collaborate and leverage digital tools to consistently deliver top-notch service. For customers, it is a promise of empowerment, reflecting Vodafone’s belief that, with the right digital tools and knowledge, customers can independently address their concerns from the comfort of their homes or offices. 

Angela Mensah Poku, Director of Digital and Commercial Operations at Vodafone Ghana, remarked, “While we have invested in our self-service channels to ensure that customers can access digital solutions conveniently, we also acknowledge that digital is a journey. We are therefore committed to giving customers the right support when and where they need it – either through digital channels or in person. This way, we meet the unique needs of each customer.” 


Patricia Obo-Nai, CEO of Vodafone Ghana in her message to customers, expressed her gratitude, reaffirming Vodafone Ghana’s commitment to supporting them in their digital journey. “Your trust in us is our driving force, and as we navigate the digital age, our commitment remains unwavering. We are here to support, educate, and ensure that every interaction you have with Vodafone Ghana is seamless and enriching.” 

Internally, Vodafone Ghana is ramping up its emphasis on digital customer care. The company is launching educational initiatives aimed at enhancing employee knowledge of Vodafone’s diverse products and the advanced digital tools used to deliver them. Additionally, standout frontline staff who consistently deliver exceptional customer service will receive recognition and rewards.

Externally, Vodafone Ghana plans to reward customers for using digital platforms like MyVodafoneApp, MyVodafoneWeb, and the upgraded chatbot, TOBi. Vodafone will visit loyal customers and reward them for their continued support as well as provide educational content on digital platforms to help customers effectively use Vodafone Ghana’s digital tools.

In a hands-on approach, the CEO and Senior Management Team will engage with customers at select retail outlets. By demonstrating the functions of Vodafone’s digital tools, they will guide customers on effortlessly addressing their concerns. 


With a series of exciting activities lined up, Vodafone Ghana’s CARE Month promises to be a blend of appreciation, education, and digital innovation, ensuring that customers benefit from the best in technology and service. 

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