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Vodafone Icons auditions hit Kumasi, Saturday!



Music hopefuls especially the ‘Garden City’, will get the opportunity to audition for the Vodafone Icons, as the audition train hits the Ashanti region this Saturday, February 4 at Miklin Hotel, following successful auditions in Tamale and Takoradi. The Kumasi auditions promise to deliver even greater excitement because the region is known to have an incredible wealth of musical talent. Over 2,000 aspiring musicians from the Ashanti region have already pre-registered for a chance to represent their region and eventually showcase their talents to the world. Aspiring male and female singers aged between 18 and 30 in the Ashanti region can still pre-register for this Saturday’s auditions by sending their name, age and location to short code 1738, for chance to perform in front of a three member panel – Gena West, Apietus and Ms Naa. Commenting on the two auditions so far, one of the judges Apietus said ‘we have been amazed at the turn out for the auditions in Tamale and Takoradi. The passion with which the singers come and participate really shows their commitment to a career they want to create for themselves; and we are very proud that Vodafone Ghana is giving them such a unique opportunity to express that. We are very much looking forward to the Kumasi auditions.’ The Vodafone Icons Mixed Edition also gives an opportunity for interested participants to audition online by uploading a recorded two minute acapella video of themselves singing any of the latest music hits on YouTube and sharing the link on the Vodafone Facebook page – . Contestants can also get tips on Icons by texting ‘SUB ICONS’ to shortcode 1738. Over 26 music acts from both Tamale and Takoradi and their surroundings have so far made it to the semi-finals of Vodafone Icons in a competition that has been exciting, engaging and absolutely mind blowing. The audition train will make a final stop at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel on 12 February 2012.]]>