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VoIP – The magic wand for advanced growth and productivity




Did you hear that ring? 

So, your team has missed a call, which can turn out to be a million-dollar deal. 

Are you grappling hard to harmonize each business component? 

Seeing all this at the workplace can be crushing for any business who dreams to emerge as an industry leader in approaching time. Success is like a wild horse that necessitates consistency and the right mindset to win over. Additionally, what lays the foundation of a successful business is unified and comprehensive business communication. 

Unified communication for a business is what air to our lungs is. That is why there is always more stress to own a comprehensive business phone system that can augment, support, and help you grow. 

How   makes business communication more reliable? 

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a revolutionary technology that has changed the face of telecommunication at every vertical. Instead of using wired voice transmission, this technology uses an internet connection to transmit voice data. This simple step has made local and international calling affordable and accessible. 

Now, you don’t need to spend millions after millions to buy endless landline phones, spread a wired network within the office premise, and set up a maintenance team to look after it. VoIP-powered business phone number enables you to place a call with your regular internet connection through mobile phone or laptop. By practicing the high-end codec, this technology has subdued the in-voice perplexity and low voice quality incidences and made communication clear and condensed. 


  • A boon for small businesses 


It is so enthralling to see your business flourish by all means. When external and internal communication is taking place without any hindrance, your team is colluding with every single client, and you are making the most of your resources. Though doing all of this is compelling, it may oblige for the high upfront cost. This is where a small business starts wincing and takes a step back. 

VoIP emerges as a boon for them as it facilitates a business to formulate a one-man army. VoIP phone numbers come with a whole set of CRM integration that automates various mundane tasks and eradicates the need for specialized workforce for separate operations. Now, you don’t need to hire a receptionist to transfer the call. The auto-transfer feature will take care of this. By lessening human mediation close to zero, VoIP empowers your communication.

For example, your South Africa virtual phone number can easily transfer the call to an agent situated at Cape Town( +27-21) location when a line of Johannesburg ( +27- 10) is busy. It assures you that no call will get missed. 

 By automating tasks such as call recording, taking notes of missed calls, transcribing the voicemails, and sending feedback forms to the callers, VoIP improves the productivity of your team and help them to put more efforts towards business success. 


  • Unleashing the maximum potential


Business communication is not limited to calls these days. People are embracing every possible way, such as voicemail, emails, SMS, online forms, and bot chats to reach out to the businesses. And, why shouldn’t they, if all these means are far more result-oriented than mere calling?

By implementing VoIP at your workplace, you can easily unleash your true communication potential and get hold of every customer that is trying to reach you.


  • VoIP means maximum growth. 


One of the key aspects of a growing business is its expanding market presence. After making a substantial database in the local market, every business looks upon the global market and wants to embark on its journey. However, going international is not so easy. High infrastructure cost, expensive communication, and gaining local significance are some of the key stumbling blocks of this journey.

VoIP emerges as a lifesaver in this situation as well. By lowering down the international communication costing and dismissing the need to own a physical local presence helps small businesses to grow unboundedly.

For example, you can set up a local call center at your home location for a new business in Durban (+27 -31) with South Africa virtual phone number without being physically present there.  Furthermore, you can get a separate local second phone line on an existing number to receive calls from both the location. The best part is you need not make any added investments to own the second line. It would be available through an app of your VoIP provider. In short, you can manage global and local businesses without making any added investment and expand your growth sphere.

Growth and high team productivity are what every business wants. Always remember that if you are neglecting these two, then you are neglecting your foreseen downfall. So, give your business the power of VoIP and grow exponentially.