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Wan-O shares true life experiences in new music video ‘Blessings’



Wan-O shares true life experiences in new music video ‘Blessings’ Wan-O shares true life experiences in new music video ‘Blessings’[/caption] If any rapper had enough experience and street credibility when it comes to taking music straight to fans in major public spaces and events, that might just be Wan-O. The rapper’s new song with Mr. Jay titled Blessingscaptures the enormous progress he has made, reflecting on his early beginnings, struggles and performances along the way. Wan-O’s true life events came to life in the song’s music video which is set to be released in the first week of October. In Blessings, fans get a visual appreciation of the rapper’s musical history, loaded with video inserts of the rapper’s varied performances, fan reactions and endorsements. Wan-O is seen reaching out to random people to sell his CDs and connecting with fans from all walks of life. Afro-pop musician Feli Nuna and record producer and artiste, Magnom make appearances in the music video to attest to Wan-O’s hard work and perseverance in the music industry. “Blessingsis ripped right from the pages of my life story. It’s a mix of the experiences that I’ve had in the music industry,” Wan-O explains. “It captures different sets of time in my music life and it’s very personal.” Wan-O brings rap mastery to the lyrics by recounting his blessings and putting all the struggles and growth he’s experienced into his music. With a memorable hook from the talented Mr. Jay, Blessingsalso depicts how Wan-O is learning from past experiences and embracing the present. “I understood from the very beginning that patience and time are values I needed to hold on to.  The musical journey for me is a process and a personal experience I’m ready to share openly with my fans,” Wan-O says, throwing light on the motivation for the song. The interesting combination of footages from Wan-O’s performances and images with fans help the viewer to easily connect to the message, imploring them to reflect on their lives and appreciate the blessings they’ve encountered. Wan-O’s openness is much welcomed in the music industry and the type of storytelling needed in this day and age as people are eager to hear the ‘real’, relate to it and celebrate it. Wan-O’s upcoming music project features Feli Nuna, titled No Size. The collaboration is bound to impress fans as well as demonstrate the rapper’s dexterity in music.]]>

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