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Wanna Add Spice To Your Sex Life? Here’s How



Wanna Add Spice To Your Sex Life? Here's How

As much as we might try to hide it, sex rut now and then is normal. We are currently living in a life that is full of commitments, some money-motivated and others, parental commitments that leaves us exhausted and unwilling to have some fun.

Sometimes the issue is not the busy schedules, but a boring lifestyle of staying with the same partner without mutually sparking the relationship. This has left many of us thinking, “When did all the energy and excitement fade?” especially the kind of oomph that was there during the time we were younger.


Whatever the reason, do not fret; we will help get your mojo back, or better still surpass your record. Candlelight and scented baths will not do the trick. You need to be innovative and adventurous to spice up your sex life. Here are four tips that have been tried and tested over the years:

1. Discover new sex positions

Learning and discovering different sex position is an interesting approach to spruce up the event. Several sources are available both online and offline with pictures, videos and detailed explanations on different sex positions to explore. If your partner is not keen on the positions, be the one to offer guidance by taking action. The sex techniques have the power to give your lover a bark-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasm that will increase the obsession for some sweet and exciting time.

Wanna Add Spice To Your Sex Life? Here's How

Wanna Add Spice To Your Sex Life? Here’s How

2. Explore the fantasies

Most people might take their fantasies as weird or ‘over the bar’, but do not be misguided. Whether it’s yourself or your partner, you need to share your fantasies amongst yourselves and ignore the fear of embarrassment. There might be fantasies you have never explored yet your partner might be thinking the same thing. Begin with the tamest ones, then get to the wilder ones once you are both comfortable to upgrade. Do not force it. Positive reinforcement might be needed by coming up with enticing rewards.

3. Use sex toys

If you have never tried sex toys, you are missing out on a great deal of Mayla’s Favorite Vibes, the kind of vibes that would spice things up. Fortunately, today there is literally a sex toy for everyone and everything. The foreplays become more orgasmic as you can use them instead of- or during sex as well. The trick here is that you should never rely too much on the toys to avoid things to get boring and routine. Take them as a spice but not the main course of your sexual activity. There are women who love to use monster toys, while there are those who use small ones. It really depends, that is why communication is key to trying them out. Also try satisfyer pro 3, for maximum pleasure. 

4. Give a killer ‘blow’

If you don’t go down during sex, then you must become the dominant one by giving a killer blowjob to your partner. Finding a guy who hates a ‘blow’ is almost impossible. That’s why you need to swallow all he got. If you are a man, a proper ‘CJ’ will make her cry for more spice. There are great instructional videos to help you discover the art within no time.


Dry spells or not, everyone at one point in life gets bored, which makes sex feel like a massive issue especially when not every partner is interested. Keep things fresh and practice the above tips. You never know, you might have an experience of a lifetime.