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Want to post carousel posts on Instagram? Read this first



If you still haven’t started using Instagram’s most talked-about feature: Carousel posts, then what are you doing? They are one of the most versatile tools that Instagram has to offer to its audience with a list of purposes to serve.

You can’t just pick some random pictures and expect the benefits to find its way to you. You need to use it in a creative fashion, if you want to boost engagement and leverage other benefits like a creative feed, capture leads, and even make sales

So, here are some creative ways to use carousel posts to get more IG likes because let’s admit it: One is not enough!

Promote new products

It is no surprise that Instagram has become a big marketing hub for not just big brands and companies, but also startups. So, every time they want to disclose a new product launch to their audience, a single photo is just not enough. This is when carousel posts come handy.

This Instagram feature allows businesses to share more pictures with variations in a product line and much more. Carousel posts give them a closer, deeper and more relatable look of the product. Naturally, this captures more leads.

Post before-and-after reveal

It might be a physical transformation of losing weight, or gaining muscle, or it might be digital transformation of photo editing skills, sharing a carousel post to show off your hard work or digital skills is a great way to embed a sense of curiosity in your audience and as well as, showing them the real picture.

There’s something about before and after posts that leave the audience in amazement. Infact, I feel it is even better than having both the pictures in a single collage.

Offer personalized recommendations

One single picture would generally attract a part of your ideal audience, but not the whole. For that matter, a single product also does the same. But, with carousel posts different pictures can attract different segments of your targeted audience, ultimately increasing engagement.

Brands use this feature for various purposes.

Dive into details

Among the list of benefits that carousel posts have to offer, it also helps you to delve into the details of your product. Fashion influencers and brands are observed using this trick all the time.

You can share different angles of your product with few close-up shots enabling the audience to take a closer peek at the product. For fashion influencers, the first photo can be of your entire outfit, followed by a few clicks from different angles and close-ups of each part to guide them with the styling. Carousel posts are certainly a great opportunity to showcase finer details to the ideal audience.

Showcase positive customer reviews

We are all aware of the imminent importance of customer reviews for a business. And if you are on the good side, it makes sense to share them on your Instagram feed using carousel posts.

Sharing them individually will eventually ruin the elegance of your feed. Positive customer reviews have a history of building and developing brand trust like no other. Trust me, if you hit the right chord, nothing can stop you from taking the lead home.

Share different takes of a photo

This is one of the simplest and most useful strategies on the list. Celebrities, influencers and even common mass share a number of photos of the same shot, with different angles or poses. Some have been found uploading a spree of pictures to showcase what goes behind taking the perfect ‘Instagram’ photo. Now, all that extra shots on your camera roll will not go wasted! 😉

Right from launching a product, to sharing customer reviews, there’s practically nothing that you can’t do with carousel posts. Yes, of course you can do that with normal posts as well but then how would you leverage the benefit of more without looking desperate!