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Watch: An African City episode 9 – #TeamSade or #TeamNgozi? + what CNN and BBC is saying about the webseries


Watch: An African City episode 9 – #TeamSade or #TeamNgozi? + what CNN and BBC is saying about the webseries

In this episode, Sade, Zainab and Ngozi date members of parliament and get the shock of their lives, while Makena meets up with an old flame and finds herself practicing abstinence (albeit by default). What are your thoughts about abstinence? Are you #TeamSade or #TeamNgozi? Why?

(CNN) — The new Web series “An African City” is fun, trendy and over the top. It’s also breaking taboos, dismantling stereotypes and creating major buzz in the continent. Set in Ghana, the series focuses on five glamorous young women who’ve returned to Accra after living abroad for years. They navigate the chaotic world of love, adventure and careers — all while trying to reconnect with their bustling capital in spiky heels and fabulous clothes. Fans describe it as the African version of “Sex and the City,” a comparison that show creator Nicole Amarteifio readily welcomes.

(BBC) A new internet series, described as Africa’s answer to Sex and the City has been launched on YouTube. An African City is set in the Ghanaian capital Accra and follows five African women who return to the continent after spending much of their adult life abroad in the US and UK.The creators say social media has been crucial to the success of the show and has enabled Africans around the world to exchange their experiences online. But is it reflective of African women today? Anne-Marie Tomchak from #BBCtrending reports.

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