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WATCH: Blakk Rasta drops ‘Mallam Tonga’



Blakk Rasta, has released the video for latest single ‘MALLAM TONGA’.

Mallam Tonga is South African QCOM style music fused with Ghanaian Highlife and Reggae. It is a fastpaced banger that will keep the dance actively hot.

It talks about the age-old debate regarding sex before marriage. Mallam Tonga is talking about a man who is a sex-addict.

The interesting aspect of the song is that this is the first time Blakk Rasta is singing in the Pidgin language.

According to Blakk Rasta, Tonga means  different things around the world. It is a country in Oceania and also a language in some African countries. He put it into meaning in his animated music created by Zenks Pro.