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Watch: Ex-manager of eShun explains the real reason behind his possession of her social media accounts



Ex-manager/fiancé of singer eShun, Stephen Mensah has denied seizing her Instagram account.

Amongst some of the many allegations that eShun made on Wednesday during a sit down interview with Zion Felix, was the fact that Stephen had seized her social media handles and asked her to pay a huge sum of money for them.

However speaking in an interview with Halifax on Okay Fm, Stephen denied seizing her accounts.

“When I met eShun she was using an account called ‘Miss Eshun.’ When she came back I felt like okay,I want to have an account that I can use to push and promote your brand. So I created the ‘eSunonline’ account and put it everywhere including Facebook and Instagram. Then started investing into them trying to get bloggers to promote the pages and paying money for them to grow.

“When she talked about departing, we had a conversation and she said she wanted to take them away and I said if she wants to take them away, let’s have a sit down because you know I’m already owing. Let’s discuss and see if you can pay something small and carry them away so I can also use it to pay some of the costs. So we tried to talk about it and it didn’t go down well,” he explained.

Stephen Mensah added that the matter was reported to Ghamro by eShun and they were called for a meeting.

“She complained to Ghamro and they called us for a meeting. So I explained to them that they are my tools and my own creations. If she wants to leave with them she can, I only asked for something small to help pay debts that I owe. So they asked for a bill and I sent it to them and only to be told eShun had said she was no longer interested so I should delete the pages. So I deleted all her photos from the page.”

Watch full interview below: