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Watch: Fantana opens up about parting ways with Ruff Town Records



Fantana has said that she made the right decision in leaving Rufftown Records.
The singer revealed in an interview with Zionfelix that she and the record label were growing apart hence they parted ways.

“When people are growing apart and you force them to stay together, it is not going to work. So we realized that maybe it was time for me to go my way and for Ruff Town to go their way,” Fantana said.

Asked whether she was afraid of leaving the label, Fantana stated that it was rather better for her because it has made her independent and to prove herself to the world.

“I wasn’t afraid I actually feel like it is much better for me cus now I’m not as relaxed as I used to be especially being independent now and having to prove my self and start all over so I feel like it is better that I did leave because I am showing my full potential of what I can do right now.” she said.

Though she’s no longer with the label, Fantana revealed she’s forever grateful to Ruff Town Records for supporting her music career.

Fantana released five songs under Ruff Town Records. She’s currently promoting her new song ‘No Dulling’ which she released as an independent artiste


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