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Watch: FreQuency releases “Memoir” talking about his life




Fasters rising rapper, singer and songwriter Samuel Nana Kwame Odame Ampofo with showbiz name FreQuency has released a freestyle video of his life on Ground Up TV.

The video “Memoir II” saw FreQuency with his friends. FreQuency talked about his friends who turned him down and advised him to join them go waste time. He also praised friends who have been holding him and his career up from day one.

“Memor II” got the young rapper super emotional when he mentioned how his family survive on the sales of towels.

Known as “Voice of the Voiceless”, FreQuency stressed that, he has dedicated his life to do music and he must get to the top and he is nowhere closer to stopping his dreams.

FreQuency in an interview with Hitz Fm’s Andy Dosty weeks ago shared some of his life experiences on the DayBreak Hitz show. In the interview, the Lyricist revealed that he has been forced to stay out of school because his mom is financially incapacitated to see him through his education.

He added that he has always dreamt of becoming a lawyer, but poverty has forced him to drop his dreams and pursue music. He revealed that his mom makes little from selling towels hence he sometimes consults friends for help in order to survive.

Aside being a musician, the ‘Bills’ singer hinted that he is also a good artist.

FreQuency was among the best artistes who were featured on Ghana’s multiple award-winning rapper, Sarkodie’s ‘Biibi Ba’, and was rated as one of the best lyricists on the tune.

He has since then been on some shows and media tours with his last two being Citi TV’s Breakfast show and Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz.

There’s more to come from the young star as he hints on dropping his EP soon.


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Wolfacejoeyy has just shared a new video for the track “melanin”, off of his recently-released project 22Joeyy – produced entirely by Michael Rainey Jr, who also notably stars in the 50 Cent-produced Starz TV show Power.

Along with the new video, Wolfacejoeyy has also announced that he’ll be joining Eem Triplin on the upcoming “Still Pretty” tour, which kicks off in November and will touch down in major citites like New York, Atlanta, L.A. and more. Wolfacejoeyy has successfully cultivated a unique sound through his forward-thinking fusion of various genres like R&B and Jersey Club into one sound – in the process, he’s accumulated over 13 Million Streams, and was recently championed by SoundCloud for his genre-bending abilities in their series “First On Soundcloud”.

Fresh off the release of the eclectic, 9-track 22Joeyy, “melanin” is an ethereal performance from Wolfacejoeyy that finds him honing in on his melodic flows and bright, playful lyricism – “Went to L.A., shawty eat me like it’s In N Out / My mama called my phone, she said lil boy, stop goin’ in and out / I tell my ma don’t worry, we gon’ make it out“, he sings over the bouncy beat.

As Wolfacejoeyy continues to push the boundaries of genre by leaning into his experimental knack and energetic sound on 22Joeyy, he’s fully embracing his moment and will soon be delivering lively performances across the United States to match.

Wolfacejoeyy is an integral member of New York’s underground Hip-Hop scene, whose work as both a producer and a vocalist has been foundational in pushing the eclectic sound of NYC to the forefront of the genre. Thanks to his bubbling diversity, charming personality and unwavering experimentation, Wolfacejoeyy seamlessly bridges the gap between various sub-genres popular within his city including Jersey Club, classic NY Hip-Hop and the underground futuristic trap scene currently being run by the likes of Yeat & Wolfacejoeyy’s close collaborator SoFaygo.

Backed by 22Joeyy’s lead single “Weekend” (feat. Cash Cobain & Chow Lee) and the new “buku (remix)” (feat. SoFaygo), the release of 22Joeyy finds Wolfacejoeyy expanding upon his signature cutting-edge sound. The consistently bouncy and euphoric sonic backdrops across 22Joeyy’s nine tracks are provided by producer and actor Michael Rainey Jr. Wolfacejoeyy’s complimentary performances flex his smooth vocals and charismatic lyricism, creating a sound that pulls from elements of sample drill to Jersey club that fuse together for a breezy yet bold and progressive project.



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Fast rising Afro-fussion act, wasiuskyboy, has released yet another motivational piece he tittles, OLUWA.



unnamed 2 7
The song features Ghana’s fastest young rapper, AWAL DEXTA. The two on this inspirational banger gave a lyrical documentary on their day-day street hustle and the need for ‘OLUWA’ to intervene with his blessings. The concept of OLUWA circles around hope for the endearing youth hoping for an evergreen future.
To get their message across faster and professionally, OLUWA comes with an exceptionally creative visuals under the endowed supervision of creative mogul, PIZII.

Though danceable, the YTM produced song will be noted for its unmatched composition and the professional voice dexterity of the duo. It comes across as an armor, cushioning the youth to never give up on their dreams.

The singer, WASIUSKYBOY has undoubtedly thrived with his music craft, to become one of the finest chirps amassing massive fan base for himself. Oluwa which was mixed by the ever famous Danny Beatz is currently available on all download portals. The video, however can be accessed without hitchs on YouTube.

Boom Play Link

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Fuse ODG Ignites Passion with ‘3eak a.m (Waistline)



Fuse ODG 5

Fuse ODG, internationally acclaimed and chart-topping afrobeats sensation, shows his versatility with this beautifully sensual and intoxicating afrobeats banger, 3eak a.m. 

3eak a.m. is due to get all the girls whining their waistlines to the bass line on repeat! 

With sultry lyrics and infectious Afrobeats rhythms, 3eak a.m. paints a vivid picture of a night filled with romance and sensuality. When all the restaurants are closed, with a little drink in his cup, Fuse ODG enjoys the dance of desire that is ignited by the irresistible whine of a woman’s waist. 

Fuse ODG has consistently taken the music world by storm with his undeniable talent and global hits, but for the first time, fans will hear this musical sensation singing in a way that will leave them wondering what could possibly be next for FUSE ODG… An Album maybe? 

3eak a.m. will be accompanied by a sexy, yet classy and visually captivating music video. 

In line with the 3eak a.m. vibe, Fuse ODG will be giving the ladies the chance to get involved in the #WhineandDineChallenge on all social platforms. 

LISTEN HERE: Fuse ODG – 3eak A.M 

Watch the official video below. 

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Nasty C Tells Apple Music About New Album ‘I Love It Here’, State of South African Hip Hop, Parenthood, and More



unnamed 4 2

South African rapper Nasty C joins Ebro Darden in-studio on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new album ‘I Love It Here’, exploring emotions through music, the state of South African hip-hop following the death of AKA, parenthood, wanting to change his stage name, and more.

Johannesburg, 19 September 2023Nasty C on How His New Son Influenced His New Album…

I think it added to what I was already kind of going through in my mind, just growing up. I don’t know, just being a bit more honest with what I like, what I don’t like, whether it’s in my music or just with the people that I meet, just being a lot more honest with myself and other people. I think now having a son has just made that even more of a priority. Now I’m setting an example for him and I have to do my best to make sure that I’m a good father.


Nasty C on His Relationship with His Father and His Evolving Perspective…

I used to speak about it a lot in my mixtape days, but back then it was just mostly resentment for him. You know what I mean? Towards him. But now it’s like being older, obviously I’ve gotten over a lot of the things that I had against him, so now it’s like I appreciate him, I understand where he was coming from. I understand the kind of background that he came from and him trying to make sure that we don’t go through the same thing, but at the same time, there’s a bit of a disagreement in the methods that he used and stuff like that. So I’m a lot more understanding. So I speak about these things and I make sure that I speak about how much I appreciate him and his hard efforts.

Nasty C on Being Hesitant to Commit to Therapy…

I’m supposed to, but every time we work on that, me going to therapy and stuff like that, I always bail or it just ends up not happening. Most times it’s not my fault. Sometimes though, I just bail. I get to a point where I’m just like, I’m too scared to do it, and I kind of just punk out or I say, “I’m fine.” I’m like, “I’m good now. I don’t have to.”


Nasty C Says He Still Hasn’t Reached His Full Potential As an Artist…

Best I’ve ever been for sure, but I haven’t reached my full potential yet. Nowhere close. I have a long way to go. A lot of the artists that I look up to are incredible at what they do, and I want to be that good or better. I don’t think I’m there yet.


Nasty C on the State of the South African Hip-Hop Community Following the Death of AKA…

I think it’s still fresh in our minds. Just the fact that he’s gone and the way that he lived. So hip hop is not in its best state right now. But as far as the creativity and how good the guys are at making music just period, and the type of albums that are coming out from the new hip hop guys, I think it’s in a very, very good place sonically. But as far as us getting together and doing our own shows and just getting together a bit more, man and really pushing the movement, I think we’re slowly getting back into gear. We’re not there yet though, but it’s getting there.


Nasty C on the Origin of His Stage Name…

It’s a weird story, man. So I started rapping when I was nine years old, right? And there was a guy that used to record me, he was very close with my big brother. He was kind of like a big brother to me in a way. One of the days when I was there recording before I started recording, actually I was there and he had a session to finish up before he started with mine. He was just talking to his other friend. He was like, “Yo, that’s a nasty cat right there.” My name was Man Jay at the time, and it was a lot of Man Z, Man K, Man this, Man that. I wanted a unique name. So when he called me that, I just kind of took it.


Nasty C Says He Plans To Change His Name to Ivyson When The Time Is Right…

I would, yeah, but I feel like I have to reach a certain level in my career first before I could change that. Yeah, and just be like Ivyson. That’s it. Yeah, I have it lined up already. I’m just waiting for the right moment. You know? I think I have to make it in the world first, globally. Everyone has to recognize me and then I could change it.
VIDEO | Nasty C Tells Apple Music About New Album ‘I Love It Here’, State of South African Hip Hop, Parenthood, and More


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Paapa Versa Releases Fun and Scenic Music Video for “Okada”.



Paapa Versa Okada 6 scaled

On September 15, Paapa Versa unveiled a mesmerizing music video for his song “Okada.” The track is part of his latest album, “Versa Villa,” which consists of ten songs and was released earlier this year. Ghanaian music icon E.L also features in “Okada,” adding to the excitement around the release.


Award-winning international filmmaker Joseph Akwasi directed the video, shot amidst the breathtaking views of the Aburi highlands. The video focuses on the lush green foliage, making it visually stunning and creative. The video starts with a monologue that cleverly references Paapa’s 2014 hit “Write for Me” by using a clip of a young Paapa with “Write for Me” playing in the background. The video concludes similarly, with a fascinating visual illusion created by clips of young and current Paapa constantly interchanging.

 Read Also: Paapa Versa Releases New Album ‘Versa Villa’

Paapa showcases his musical prowess by playing various instruments, including an acoustic guitar, midi, and a synthesizer, in numerous scenes throughout the video. Ghanaian actress and singer Adomaa plays his love interest as they travel through Aburi, and featured artist E.L also makes a fun appearance in the video. Jerry One spices up the video with entertaining choreography as the dancers gyrate against the splendid scenery.


“Okada” is an upbeat song with Ghanaian drums and a mellow tempo. Its creative lyrics communicate a deep affection for someone and a willingness to go through thick and thin together. In a triple entendre, the lyrics also artfully compare his love for music to loving a woman while using words that describe traveling. Produced by Paapa and Drvmroll, the Afrobeat song mixes jazz and pop elements in parts of the song, showcasing Paapa Versa’s musical prowess. His emotionally rich vocals serve as the cherry on top.

Born Edwin Paapa hMensa, Paapa Versa is a versatile Ghanaian producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, and podcaster. He has received much attention and respect for his empathetic and broad musical style since his debut. The lead single, “Write for Me,” off his sophomore album Songs for Kukua, received massive airplay and critical acclaim, locally and internationally. In 2021, he changed his stage name from Paapa to Paapa Versa, with the Versa as an abbreviation of versatile. 

As a gifted multi-instrumentalist, Paapa can play most instruments but is well-versed in the piano, drum kit, ukulele, bass, electric guitars, and percussion instruments. His genre-bending music is often labeled as eclectic, insightful, uplifting, and more. Paapa’s greatest wish is to inspire people everywhere to utilize their gifts and follow their dreams.


Listen to Versa Villa on your preferred streaming platform. 

Connect with Paapa Versa on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. 

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Ahuofe Patri Opens Up About Depression, Scariest Movie She Ever Shot And Broken Heart



Ahuofe Patri Opens Up About Depression, Scariest Movie She Ever Shot And Broken Heart

Famed Ghanaian actress and model Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, also known as Ahuofe Patri recently broke the mold when she appeared on “Ride and Chat.” During the episode, she candidly discussed her rise to fame, success stories, vulnerabilities, and real-life experiences.

She underlined the importance of open communication among young people with trusted family members because depression is prevalent in this day and age. Additionally, because it doesn’t simply affect celebrities, it is also possible for their admirers to experience it as a result of the glitz and glamour displayed on social media. She also showed her strong attitude about depression by not acknowledging its existence.

She cited the film “The Big Six” as being the most difficult she had ever shot, particularly the frightening cemetery sequence. This statement exemplifies the difficulties actresses must overcome to pursue their artistic goals. Additionally, it demonstrates how adaptable she is as an actress because she ventures outside of her comfort zone to give engaging performances.

Additionally, she admitted that losing her mother was the first time she truly experienced a broken heart, “My heart was shattered when I lost my mother,” she said.

Watch the full conversation below:

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