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WATCH: Gary Al-Smith introduces Ghana's first football prediction podcast



The major European leagues are back and fans are, predictably, excited. And of all the leagues, the Premier League is the most popular and exciting.   And for those in love with prediction games, there is a spanking new concept that is likely to become very popular on social media. Sports journalist Gary Al-Smith, has started a special preview series called ‘Premier League Weekly with Gary’ that gives fans tips on all the games to be played on every matchday.   Each episode is fast-paced, funky, and fun to watch. Premier League Weekly with Gary is streamed exclusively on Facebook and Twitter and is sponsored by Betway.   For a long time, fans of sports prediction games have complained about a lack of expert analysis to help them make decisions about matches, and this show fills the gap very nicely. This production is novel because, according to the makers, it’s the first of its kind (a show exclusively dedicated to football predictors) in Africa.   Al-Smith, who works for the Multimedia Group, has carved a niche as the most dominant player in the social media space when it comes to sports in Ghana. With a large, loyal following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is no surprise that brands continue associating with him.   Earlier this year, he pioneered another series called ‘The AFCON Daily’, a short and punchy preview/review show specifically produced every day during the African Nations Cup. Also sponsorer by Betway, the show garnered close to a million views on Al-Smith’s Facebook pages alone. According to Al-Smith, the Premier League Weekly streams every Thursday from this week until May 2018.   You can watch the first episode here ]]>