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Watch: I am no longer a taxi driver, I need a new manager – Mr Eventuarry



Watch: I am no longer a taxi driver, I need a new manager - Mr Eventuarry

Viral internet sensation, Mr. Eventuarry has revealed that he has left his taxi business on hold and is now focused on his God-given talent of making people laugh.

In an interview with AmeyawTV at the opening of the new Eddy’s Pizza Ring Road, Mr Eventuarry said he is no more a taxi driver and is currently working on his comic skills to entertain people.

Speaking in Fante, he said: “With the taxi work, because of my comic gigs, I’m more focused on that and put the taxi business on hold. Because if God gives you a talent and you’e not able to work with it He might take it back. When you make people happy, God gets happy. God gave me this talent to make people happy through my videos so I am currently determined to do that.”

Mr Eventuarry who recently revealed that he sacked his first manager because he took all the money he was making said he is optimistic he’ll last in the entertainment industry if he gets a new management team.

“I believe in God that I will last for long if I get a good management team. If they will be able to give me great creative ideas and advice, they will help me last longer.”

The former taxi driver became a social media star after hilarious videos of him surfaced online. He is currently featured in the latest episode of popular TV show ‘Kejetia vs Makola’.

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