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Watch: I strongly feel Sarkodie was hurt I didn’t make it to his wedding – Strongman



Watch: I strongly feel Sarkodie was hurt I didn’t make it to his wedding - Strongman

Ghanaian rapper, Strongman has recounted what forced his exit from Sarkcess Music and what made him miss the #HighestWedding, which saw his then label Boss, Sarkodie, getting married to his wife, Tracy Sarkcess.

Though the wedding was a discreet and exquisite one, some few known celebrity faces were present at the nuptials and one, that most expected was Strongman’s presence but he was absent at the ceremony.

Explaining his absence, the “Ups And Down” rapper has told Delay in an interview that, he was very much informed about the wedding by Sarkodie himself, some few days to the occasion.

However, before getting the invite, he has already booked a flight to Dubai and he couldn’t cancel it neither was he able to tell Sarkodie that he can’t make it to his big day because he didn’t k ow how to put it.

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In the interview, the rapper mentioned that he later informed Sarkodie that he is out of town when he reached Dubai but King Sark never replied his text. “I was shy, I couldn’t tell him, so I got to Dubai before I informed him and I feel he was hurt because he never replied me,” he said in Twi.

Strongman was speaking to quell reports that there’s some bad blood between Sarkodie and himself, which was the reason why he refused to show up at his wedding. Speaking about his exit from Sarkcess Music, he said it was an amicable decision which they took six hours to arrive at.

“For the label, people were giving us problems, everything I do is affiliated/credited to Sarkodie, when I do anything they don’t give me the glory, it was worrying me. They were pressuring Sark too, when anything goes wrong, they attack him, claiming he wants to kill my career.” Strongman told Delay.

Hear more from him in the video below and tell us what you think.


Photo: BET mistakes Strongman Burner’s photo as Sarkodie in birthday wish




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