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WATCH: Jamaican dancehall superstar, Popcaan says he’s bought a brand new house in Ghana



Jamaican dancehall star, Popcaan who is currently visiting Ghana says he’s bought himself a new home in Ghana.

He posted a video on hinting that he’s bought a brand new house in Africa.

His Instagram page also shows all the fun and emotional things he’s been doing in Ghana, including a to the Cape Coast Castle.

Being deeply African rooted, Popcaan after his tour at the castle wrote: “I went and lay this wreath in memory of my ancestors that was put in these dungeons and ship to Jamaica and other parts of the world 🇬🇭stronger now and also free #capecoastcastle”.

Also via his Instagram page, the “Vanquish” singer has announced that he has acquired a new home in Ghana. In one of the clips he posted of himself walking the hallway of his new home, he said: “Over Africa wicked man ting. Mi jus buy mi brand new house over Ghana. Yuh haffi have house everyweh!”.