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WATCH: K.K Mensah overcomes COVID year with a new single, ‘Me Mmre Nie (It’s My Time)’



The rise of contemporary gospel music in Ghana continues to inspire a lot of talented gospel acts, even across the diaspora. In recent times, music lovers are leaning towards inspirational and gospel music, especially as the world goes through a total shift which is somewhat stressful and depressing.

We present to you K-K Mensah, a contemporary gospel musician and song writer who blends the old original gospel with a contemporary sound; one which certainly takes you to a place of inspiration. Having released his first single ‘Aseda’ in 2019 which featured one of Ghana’s renowned gospel musicians; ‘Koda’, K-K Mensah is set to release another spirit-filled single titled ‘Me Mmr3 Nie’ (My time is now).

This new single, which was recorded live, was produced by Joe Wilson in London and featured another powerful minister of the gospel, Pastor Edwin Dadson. Music critics and enthusiasts who have listened to the single during its initial listening audit, affirmed that this song was well composed, and the demonstrates what K-K Mensah loves to be known for.
‘Me Mmr3 Nie’ (My time is now) will uplift and inspire anyone hoping to make it through the varied stages of life. The song was written and composed by K.K Mensah, Minster Koffy, and Pastor Edwin Dadson.

K.K Mensah is originally based in London. Music has always been a part of him and when the time was right to begin his music journey, he did so without looking back. His first single ‘Aseda’ is still receiving airplay and fans are expecting more from his camp.

The release date for ‘Me Mmr3 Nie’ (My time is now) is …. , and will be made available on all online music platforms for download and streaming.


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