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WATCH: Kabir Shagaya, Founder Zippy Logistics on Aim Higher Africa Ignite Series



The Ignite Series produced by education not for profit, Aim Higher Africa is an edutainment program with a focus on sharing tips to success by young entrepreneurs from across Africa. Aim Higher Africa aims to inspire a new generation of young entrepreneurs to create businesses that enrich their local communities by providing a medium where peer-to-peer learning takes place. This episode features Kabir Shagaya, Founder Zippy Logistics.

If you are solving a rich mans problem, you stand a chance to make a lot of money and that is exactly what Shagaya hopes to achieve with Zippy Logistics.

With a mission to satisfy the needs of it’s customers and clients by providing high quality services in the areas of procurement, logistics and warehousing to small and medium scale markets in Nigeria, Shagaya knows all too well just what it takes for a young entrepreneur to thrive in today’s challenging business environment.

Here are his tips to the top. ]]>

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