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WATCH: Life Changing Story of Joseph Boateng Porbi from the Streets to the Classroom



Young Joseph Boateng Porbi popularly known as Ahoɔfɛ has descended into a very dangerous venture, having gained exposure into drugs, burglary, pick pocketing and other outrageous endeavors.

He joined the streets at an unimaginable age of ten, engaged in thievery, drugs and other social vices for four years; but Benabi Discovery couldn’t allow this to be his fate.

It may sound awkward! It might get you emotional, and you will be asking many questions as Benabi Discovery teases us with the trailer of Life Changing Story of an Abandoned Child which profiled Joseph Boateng Porbi’s life from the street to the classroom.


Will this be the fate of little Porbi?

Is there hope for this young lad?

Will his story change?

Watch out for full story, as we see young Joseph Boateng Porbi attains some academic prospects in spite of his plight. But in the meantime enjoy the trailer of a street boy who joined this rather risky venture at an unripe age which his destiny was about to be messed up.


Hold your suspense; as we later delve into the life transforming story of once upon a time, a street boy whose notoriety was believed to be a curse or spiritual connotation.

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