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Watch: Mr Eazi reveals “Information Sharing” between artists helped him reach the American market



Nigerian superstar, Mr Eazi has undoubtedly carved a niche for himself.

With several bangers that have crossed borders and touched many music lovers both locally and internationally,  the “Banku Music” originator has dropped some gems on how he penetrated into the American Market.

According to him, information sharing amongst musicians and stakeholders is the only way to move forward as artists.

In an Instagram Live interview with Ubi Franklin, Don Eazi narrated how Davido’s music blasting all across the United States prompted him to reach out to the singer and ask for help.

“I was somewhere in the US and I heard them blasting Davido’s “If” and “Fall’ and I didn’t understand why my music was not reaching that far because I equally make good music. So I DMed Davido and asked him to introduce me to the person who was helping market his music and Davido gave me the details of the company. So I called and they said oh are you an Afro Beats artist? Do you know Johanna and I said yeah…So I messaged Afro B and asked who was running his marketing and he gave me the guy’s number,” he narrated.

Adding, Mr Eazi expressed that the willingness from both Davido and Afro B to give out information concerning their music marketers gave him the opportunity to promote his music in America.

“…so it’s high time we started sharing information because I might have signed a bad deal and if but if I don’t share it with you, you might go and make the same mistake. So that sharing of information is good,” he added.

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Music icon Mr Eazi in an Instagram live chat has detailed how he penetrated into the American music world

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