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Watch: Sesan Talks about directing award winning music video, ‘Gringo’.


Watch: Sesan Talks about directing award winning music video, ‘Gringo’.



Nigerian music video director, Sesan, picked up the award for directing the best music video, “Gringo” at the just ended AFRIMAs. 

In an interview with Ameyaw Tv, the award winning director said that working with Shatta Wale was such a delight because he allowed him to be creative.

“Shatta and I have an amazing relationship. He is one guy that allows me to be creative and believes that my craft should be done by me. I let him do his music and he lets me do my directing”.

He also added that having shot over five other videos with Shatta, he has grown to see the other side of the man that almost everyone has a different opinion about.

Shatta is a very volatile character that speaks his mind and I like that. He wears his heart on his sleeve, he says it as it is, he doesn’t try to butter it up, he is not fake. If he loves you, he loves you, if he doesn’t like he doesn’t like you. So once you understand that and you respect that you’ll be okay.

Sesan also revealed that he was working on Shatta Wale’s “My Level” video.

“Watch out for my level video, its coming out. We shot it in Accra. The message is strong and the video is very emotional. I wanted to show Shatta in a different way, not the aggressive, not the kind of arrogant guy that everybody thinks he is”, he added.

Sesan has worked with big stars around the world including French Montana, Wizkid, and D’Banj. His works include D’banj’s “Oliver Twist” and Uhuru’s “Soweto Baby” featuring Wizkid.

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