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WatsUp TV (African Hits) starts airing in Ghana and other African countries from September, 7

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WatsUp TV (African Hits) starts airing in Ghana and other African countries from September, 7

watsup tv (3)WatsUp TV, an upcoming pan-African entertainment digital television channel which is set to bring viewers entertainment from across Africa has officially launched its WatsUp TV (African Hits) TV Show in Ghana. The one hours TV show will air in Ghana on ETV Ghana from September 7, 7pm-8pm and every other Sunday.

The show which is ideally segmented for the fun loving youth will cross language and topographical barriers to unite Africans under the umbrella of good entertainment. WatsUp TV is a platform for trendy, entertaining and informative programming for the youth within Africa and beyond. The segments for WatsUP TV (African Hits) include:

FRESH VIDEOS: WatsUp TV is all about what is spanking new. This segment will feature the newest and just released music videos across the continent.

FAN TWEET REQUESTS: This segment allows twitter users of the show to send in requests, shout outs and messages directly to their friends, family and loved ones on TV.

TOP 5: The hottest music video will be unveiled in the Top 5 segment by Celebrities from the world of music, movies and sports. The celebrity in the spotlight will select his or her own top five videos and then host the segment sharing their reasons for selecting the songs.

AFRICAN HITS: African Hits is all about music and entertainment making waves in all 54 countries across Africa. If it’s a big hit, then WatsUp TV will show it to its cherished viewers. The concept presents viewers the opportunity to be exposed to good music videos from other African countries and showing the most captivating and amazing parts of the country and city. This unique segment will be presented every week in different African countries. The WatsUp African Hits will also provide the platform for African musicians to sell their music or trade to other markets they would not reach; thereby sharing beautiful sights of Africa across board.

There will be more segments on another TV show, WatsUP TV Official TV Show which we will be unveiled before December. WatsUp TV, a packaged entertainment channel for the Anglophone and Francophone communities in Africa, is also scheduled to stream 24 hours online from September 14.

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