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Wauve Returns With New Single “Wanna Know” Featuring Gideonite and Sevn Alias



Adopting his East African heritage within his music; Wauve (pronounced Wah-ve) has been making waves within the scene especially amongst the rapidly growing R&B space within the UK.

Friday 22nd July marked the release of “Wanna Know” featuring Ghanaian/Dutch producer Gideonite and fellow Dutch rapper Sevn Alias. This melodic anthem is guaranteed to not only bring forth an absolute head bop for this blazing summer but it will also put listeners in a state of reminiscence as it takes its influence from a popular R&B smash!

Wauve aims to successfully merge Afrobeats which reminds him of his roots and R&B which is a genre he grew up with and is inspired by.


“I teamed up with Gideonite on the production and rapper Sevn because I was looking for a sound that could resonate with a wider range of listeners, you have a bit of that Dutch influence from the guys, those Afrobeat instrumentals, along with my London accent – it just all works perfectly!” – Wauve

Afropop melodies, lyrics that ride the beat and a clean cut visual have set up Wauve for a potential summer hit! The singer had previously made waves across tastemaker publications and across the airwaves that it’s only a matter of time before the rising star becomes a household name!

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