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Ways to Earn Money Through Your Smartphone… That Actually Work!



Earn money from your phone? Wouldn’t that be great! Obviously, no one is going to pay you for chatting with your friends on Facebook Messenger or scrolling your Instagram Feed. Also, the methods on this list are unlikely to enable you to quit the daily job that earns you a salary to pay for everything in life. It will, however, help you earn some extra money from your phone!


Check Ads and Get Paid


Have you ever found yourself in a weird space of Youtube watching cat videos for 2 hours? Or how often do you find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed, consuming whatever interesting and not-so-interesting content along the way? 

You could do pretty much the same thing and get paid. Earn some extra cash while browsing around. There are many apps that reward you with points for doing exactly this. Points can be exchanged for gift cards, stuff, and even cold hard cash. 

Here is a list of popular, tried and tested applications you can use to earn money while watching ads:


With this app, you earn points by interacting with apps, play games and taking online surveys. The points can be redeemed for the closest thing to real money, PayPal cash. Each completed task you finish will earn you CashPirate coins that you can exchange for PayPal cash.

Check out CashPirate


In this app you earn their currency, Swagbucks by watching videos, answering online surveys and shopping. Similar to CashPirate, the Swagbucks you earn can be redeemed for PayPal cash and gift cards.

Check out Swagbucks

Earn Money While Playing or Watching Games


Most of us enjoy playing games, whether it’s Candy Crush Saga, Texas Hold’Em or League of Legends. A lot of people also enjoy watching other people play games or watch competitive gaming like esports. Why not earn money while doing what you enjoy?

Online Casinos

Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players. Often some bonus money is even credited without depositing any real money. It’s the same concept as playing the lottery – the more you try, the higher the chance of striking a win so look for a few different sites who offer the chance to play with free tokens to increase your chances. You can easily find casinos who offer free money upon registration by browsing through an online comparison site. On top of free offers, with the welcome bonuses most casinos offer, you could as much as triple your first deposit. Needless to say, if you do decide to also play with real money, it is important to always play only as much as you can afford to and for as long as you’re enjoying yourself. There is no guarantee of any wins when playing casino, but if you enjoy the odd gamble it can be both fun and profitable!

Enjoy Esports & Get Paid 

Get paid while watching esports and place fictional bets. Watching matches awards you with coins which you can in turn use to make predictions on what teams are going to win in the esports matches. Exchange the coins for PayPal cash or redeem them for team merchandise. 

BONUS: Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

Online Selling Sites

The legendary eBay marketplace has seen a lot of improvements in recent years and the mobile version of the platform is great. Sign up and start going through your home for stuff you don’t need. Post your items and wait for the bidding wars to begin! eBay is super simple to use and setting up an account is quick. They also offer a service where they will handle all the work for you in exchange for a commission on each sale. Read more about the eBay Valet service here.