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Wealth Congress with Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren comes off in Accra September 22



Wealth Congress with Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren comes off in Accra September 22 Wealth Congress with Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren comes off in Accra September 22[/caption] Wealth Congress is a programme organised by MEX Corporation, a start-up company, which was founded this year. MEX stands for Media Excellence: we believe that the media is a critical tool for nation building and development, thus the right investment in the content and the personnel who provide their services as well as the audience it feeds will be essential for a sustainable economic development. Wealth Congress is the first programme to be held under the auspices of this business. This programme is being organised for individuals, start-up businesses and corporate entities who either want to start their own businesses, take their businesses to the next level or have a cutting edge over their competitors in the business field. Wealth Congress seeks to inspire,mentor and raise the next generation of businesses and entrepreneurs that will bring out innovations and creative initiatives that will maximize the use of available resources to effect positive changes in the society, economy and in the world as a whole. We understand that the right investment in platforms rather than talents; the change of mind set and the provision of the necessary information is required to project individuals and businesses to bring out their fullest potentials. It is with this that, the programme is honoured to have the President of Carel Conglomerate and Innoville Capital, Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren, as the guest speaker. Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren, a 21year old, is a future Africa Leader worth looking out for. He is 3 time winner of the American Academy of Animations Award, winner of the prestigious Walt Disney Award and was among the 16 nominees for the 2015 Future Africa Leaders Awards (FALA) of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation.  He is the Patron of theNational Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), an award whose only recipient had been the Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. He also holds The Nelson Mandela African Leadership Award on humanitarian services and societal development per excellence.Carel Films, a subsidiary of the Carel Conglomerate, has over the past years produced music videos for renowned gospel artistes such as Sinach, TB 1, Testimony, Sister Wisdom, among others. Wealth Congress 2018 promises to be an educative yet a fun filled time, as there will be lots of inspiration, music and networking. This epic meeting will be graced with performances from top music artistes such as Protek, Mr Noble, & Sam Jamz of the Believers’ Loveworld Rap Nation fame, Fega, Agent Snyper and Daniel Mylez. This programme which is a ticketed one is slated for the 22ndof September, 2018 at R.S Amagashie auditorium at the University of Ghana Business School; the programme will kickstart at 4pm GMT. This programme will also be streamed online: tickets are going on sale at a rate of 60 cedis for on-site attendees and $10 for the online audience. Tickets can be bought by visiting It is stipulated that this programme will be held annually with the idea replicated in other cities, countries across Africa and in the world at large.  ]]>

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