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Web3 Marketing Case Study: How FTX Scaled from a $7M to $32B Company in Just 36 Months



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FTX‘s valuation has risen 4571 times in 3 years. What did they do right?

FTX is a virtual currency trading platform with an average daily trading volume of US$10 billion and more than 6 million daily registered users.

FTX got off to a slow start in 2019 with only $7.2 million in revenue, but in just 36 months, the company’s valuation has grown by 4,000% to $32 billion.

Why is FTX growing so fast?

What strategy did they use to transform themselves into the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in 3 years?

Take a look at how FTX builds a successful cryptocurrency trading platform with this Web3 marketing case – you can also apply these marketing strategies to your projects.

#01 What does FTX do?

FTX focuses on complex “crypto derivatives”, market. Participants do not need to hold physical assets, which means that transactions do not require wallets or other complex market infrastructure, allowing customers to speculate n the future prices of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Crypto products provided by FTX:

  • Industry-leading derivatives

  • Options and volatility products

  • Tokenised stock

  • Market forecast

  • Leveraged Token, etc.

In short, FTX is a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies easily.

FTX has also issued its utility token FTT (You can see that the market value has increased by 850% since 2022)

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The following are FTX‘s outstanding achievements:

FTX is one of the leading trading platforms for crypto derivatives and is more valuable than Twitter, stock trading giant Nasdaq, and Deutsche Bank.

In  2021, FTX became the fastest growing virtual currency exchange, surpassing rivals such as Coinbase, Stripe and Binance during the same period.

As of  March 2022, FTX has raised a total of $1.7 billion through 7 rounds of financing (including some leading investment institutions like Softbank Vision Fund, Tiger Global Management, Blackstone Group, Temasek Holdings, and Lightspeed Venture Partners)

Their website ( gets about 700,000 traffic per month through 77,000 keyword searches.

The most popular markets (trading pairs) for FTX are BTC/USD and ETH/USD. The exchange is rated “A” by Nomex, the most extensive crypto index, where A means “transparency.” Out of 778 exchanges, FTX ranks fourth in transparency and trading volume.

Perhaps most astonishing is how efficiently founders Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Wang have been able to break through the competitive cryptocurrency exchange market.

#02 8 Marketing Tips Learned From FTX‘s Success

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what FTX is, their competitive environment, and why they’re getting ahead on Web3, let’s look at the following marketing tips from FTX‘s incredible success.

[Tips 1] Betting on Influencers to Increase Brand Awareness

FTX is very focused on KOL marketing. To take on America’s formidable rivals, they held a marketing campaign that included seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and model and businessman Gisele Bundchen:

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FTX invested $20 million for an ad spot during the 2021 NFL season opener in Tampa Bay (Brady’s team) and Dallas, and throughout October, along with NFL broadcast and digital marketing components.

DentsuMB, an agency that works with Brady and Bndchen, created a humorous slogan: “FTX: You In?”

The purpose of working with Tom and Gisele is to familiarise consumers with technology, customer service, and products while partnering with well-known companies like Binance, Coinbase and Kraken.

Brett Harrison, president of FTX.US, said: “We are still new to the crypto service scene, and we also know that if we want to achieve this, we have to start some mass branding and advertising marketing, sponsorship type work, etc.”

KOL + sports marketing is the perfect path to achieve this.

Besides football, what else did FTX do?

  • They contracted National Basketball Association player Stephen Curry to become another brand ambassador.

  • Signed a $135 million title contract to rename the NBA’s Miami Heat Stadium.

  • Made a deal with Major League Baseball to be their official virtual currency exchange, which means we’ll see referees wearing uniforms with the FTX logo.

  • A partnership with tennis star Naomi Osaka focused on guiding women into crypto platforms.

Athletes aren’t the only target demographic. FTX also reached out to beauty entrepreneur Lauren Remington Platt, founder of high-end beauty company Vensette. The company has established brand alliances with Vogue, Chopard and Michael Kors.

With the luxury industry valued at $300 billion, FTX aims to target a new generation of high-end consumers created by crypto wealth.

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In recent years, luxury brands have also entered the cryptosphere, including:

  • Prada, which partnered with Adidas to issue NFTs

  • Ralph Lauren, which opened nearly seven digital stores in Roblox metaverse

  • Gucci collaborated with Superplastic to release limited edition NFTs

Therefore, Platt’s experience in the fashion and luxury circles is crucial to FTX‘s future development stages, brand cooperation, and brand building.

But if you’re thinking: “FTX is doing great, but we can’t afford Tom Brady.” Don’t worry! Although FTX is hesitant to choose A-type KOLs, many successful crypto projects have begun cooperating with slightly more famous KOLs to gain early influence.

[Tip 2]: Build a strong community on Web3 (using an “omnichannel” strategy)

Community building is essential for Web3 project growth, as it will help attract many new users to trade. Having a large fan base can increase users’ confidence and confidence in this emerging field. The community can help create a highly active and highly engaged user group. On the contrary, the user group can drive more trading activities and bring more trading volume to the trading platform.

FTX uses social media to build a community to increase the number of fans. As brand awareness increases, users are naturally more willing to use the platform and then recommend it to others. Social media also creates a more competitive environment for FTX, resulting in lower transaction fees and better service.

They use Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and other social media to find a wider range of crypto enthusiasts. FTX has more than 665,000 Twitter followers and 136,000 Instagram followers. They regularly provide users with content to guide them and increase interaction with each other.

Through social media optimisation and brand building, FTX‘s market share increased by 600% from 2020 to 2021.

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Building a community helps FTX stand out from the crowd (Coinbase and Binance).

FTX believes brand recognition and user retention are critical to the growth of the user base of crypto trading platforms.

Community projects are designed to help keep members connected and support members who have questions. Loyal cryptocurrency traders and investors help drive new products on the trading platform. They use text, video, and pictures to encourage users to communicate and interact on mainstream social media platforms.

Unlike many other brands, FTX keeps user activity at peak levels by personally responding to user reviews and interacting with them.

Here are some great tips for growing your social media following:

A) Announce major events and updates

Announcements are a significant part of FTX‘s Twitter marketing strategy. They promise to notify fans of any product launches and acquisitions:

yf3rURSUw2l62KvuweOUEMi5IRo4aN5zPkHtEcaCx3QC myIbVcOciZV a8NQjeegFRy6ejkDjZOo7dV0hl1j7oplzSpKXPvJXtxr4Pczw rs fxk krqhXvUZf3l SjIt 47XFYcwPkR nUTkoKuBsSgrD SDU7ztdTd7BtrdP3eMVW69nRcdZi d9Y4JGPVoJ0Q

On Instagram, FTX announced its valuation at $32 billion, up from $25 billion:

yezUy8EAetBLuihAQI3i6XKHW0lV9I04XGuqfJZHcLBwxpSe2cZvTbSXjoo gSO8jKnzhEcPEQwbFMLo1tp0nm zPxnn

B) Encourage users to communicate

Getting users to communicate about products and brands is quite simple:

  • Post a message asking a question for fans to give advice

  • Organise online events through group chats, where users can send you messages or ask questions, and you’ll respond right away.

  • Hold regular online gatherings for fans to increase fan interaction.

FTX uses KOLs to ask fans crypto-related questions. and respond to them immediately. It also helped them gain instant attention.

Below is an example of how FTX leveraged the influence of well-known American basketball player Stephen Curry to use a video to encourage users to try cryptocurrency trading. The tweet has over 2900 likes and 799 replies.

ZldXtYc M QF4m6qmxJ0IyarhXrGlYD8ErTfnHv3sJnHYMVLxdhuo6OlRgkBY sglXK7CxRI7JuZbfOl agtfj3ns6wesVrYMbuM1IIfKnAGZZia3KjvtJKiMvY9hhnpnkwHnS5etVrU6o696DZzlOoiL4KkMi Ts3PMU1G3OLxVuy7D5Vefya Ye n8vjSKUKRw

C) Incorporate social channels

Combining social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to increase fan interaction.

FTX has many leading social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Telegram. They have many loyal crypto enthusiasts who actively engage with posts from one of the world’s top crypto exchanges, FTX.

This is the power of omnichannel marketing.

An omnichannel customer experience consists of individual touchpoints across multiple marketing channels such as email, phone calls, text messages, social media, and even brick-and-mortar stores. Omnichannel refers to creating a cohesive customer experience across all channels, no matter where the customer leaves or comes in.

Compared with traditional marketing methods, omnichannel methods focus on where customers or potential customers are rather than getting customers to come to them.

D) Harness the power of PR

Public relations are critical to building a fan base. Like Sam Bankman-Fried, try to create a positive and compelling brand image. Early on, he gave an interview that gave him a chance to be famous and find his name online.

To that end, it’s important to network in the media and participate in local events to expose yourself in the right places. This will help you gain maximum exposure for your brand and products. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, this is even more critical because the industry is still new, and many remain sceptical.

Case in point: Bankman-Fried worried that no one had heard of FTX‘s cryptocurrency trading when FTX set out to expand its business in Africa:

“We’ve been around for two and a half years, but it’s a lot shorter than many of the big exchanges in the crypto-trading space. We’ve learned that many people didn’t even hear about FTX when they first wanted to enter the crypto world.”

So in July 2021, FTX hired Harrison Obiefule as PR manager to hype the company.

ygZRcVBJVaiL3 wbVlZsAGapj y8Wwg74PyiElUGsHrTfTH1s3EPRSZrVtcaoQ FJHTjs60A92hz KgbxFLWKS8fkH9NggBaBC7 lLvg55IVFx4BpHbrP FcRDLJWwzujl94G0LYT0t7ZT9RH6ggl DrgK5xcke8mqGD 1AB 3 SIeYe 2LqB

…seems to bring in more traffic and referring domains immediately:

JhASPOvxXVd29jhBS0ImfHd7iyi2q6Fu0EI O2U99bT6Jsvu94aNix

E) Increase the fan base through competitions

Contests are a great way to convince people to try crypto and NFTs. FTX uses contests as bait to encourage people to comment and participate in tweets.

In this contest, FTX gave away 6 NFTs worth $11,000:

[Trick 3]: Simplify information content to make it easier for target users to understand the project

The crypto world can be difficult to master, especially for newbies. To make the crypto world better understood, FTX collaborates with well-known creators to create premium content that clearly explains their products in plain language.

To break the gap between FTX and people who have just entered the crypto field, the brand has launched a campaign called “Not an Expert”.

DACFtP K DMbeLoxIFU3T4BoMLN4cFrGvvD8QB9OjOiFAB5eOhJRwaPbN1msTKuPoia9WCxyoWpIxaIkiVoH9x2rjx IYgUQr5gkB1FHVlHgRqP5pC9oInFET5lVz0e KJx915Ai2Wd v7QlqcDapjNEJw4BpZbbQnJ8VsMGrKeA3gB0GpaYme6GsINtQa tYGiHcA

They use KOLs to create short video tutorials regardless of their image power to attract users’ attention just starting in crypto.

The beauty of this project is to use only a 60-second video to explain the basic concept of a crypto term, like Erika Kullberg’s article explaining Bitcoin:

Other KOLs working with FTX to provide users with short video creation include:

  • Kyla Scanlon, the founder of Bread, explains the three core functions of Stablecoin and currency in a one-minute video.

  • Kayla Kilbride, the founder of TheDropNFT, explained the metaverse.

  • Humphrey  Yang is an independent video creator explaining smart contracts.

  • Duke Alexander  Moore, a tax expert at TikTok, explains the difference between short-term and long-term capital gains.

  • Daniel  Iles, YouTuber and TikTok KOL, explain the differences between cold and hot wallets.

  • Austin  Hankwitz, the co-founder of Witz, explains DeFi concepts.

  • Patrick Kim, founder and CEO of Worth Network Inc, explains P2E gaming.

  • Tejas Hullur, YouTube blogger and digital creator, explains Bitcoin’s origins.

  • Adi Adara, an investment expert at  Brown Venture Group, explains Bitcoin.

  • Danny Devan, financial KOL, explains the difference between bull and bear markets.

In addition, users can freely download the FTX App to get industry news and the latest information from top project parties.

Even FTX has a blog, including crypto, NFTs and other internal integration for everyone to learn:

· The  Market Review column is used to inform the community about the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies.

·  Company news and events

·  A downloadable monthly summary in PDF containing a list of FTX‘s activities and changes to enhance the user experience.

·  A series of videos and blogs to attract users’ attention to guide and support users’ continued investment in cryptocurrencies.

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Content marketing can turn potential customers into real customers because companies can present products in a fun and informative way. FTX leverages premium content to attract buyers at different stages, including:

  • Persuasive CTA (Call to Action) to invite website visitors to take action.

  • Captivating slogans are also great for converting potential users into real users because companies can use this clear and concise way to tell users what they’re planning to do next (read more, log in, download free XYZ, buy)

Here is an example of a CTA on the FTX website:

By using the “Join the Team” headline and some images of influencers, FTX managed to attract millennials and Gen Z users. CTA “Create Free Account” makes it easier for people to sign up for an account without paying any fees,

One of the main reasons people are not interested in crypto trading is that they find it difficult.

The easiest way to start trading crypto” is to minimise the bottleneck of users in the simplest way.

LSciLkASaH UcULmGfzGgvMb1H8Yqjd0ZHELODNcC6jzvVsMJJJz3tQeZlvZEzPbJ8Z9A7j6ZdfZJMKJQ RkoL750EohrZrNGt8tZa8zFM0PInS bzuErGoq4QcUYd6MWXOlJiMlpi 8

[Tips 4]: Find your potential users

FTX teamed up with comedian Larry David as part of a promotional campaign for NBC’s “Don’t Miss” 60-second ad before the Super Bowl halftime show.

In the spot, Larry David plays a version of himself (the proverbial version – Curb Your Enthusiasm). A time travel sceptic, he mocked inventions such as the wheel, fork, toilet, the light bulb and portable music player.

Towards the end of the ad, David sat behind a table promoting FTX as a safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange. He said, “Huh? I don’t think so, and I never miss this kind of thing, ever.”

Because David is a notorious and cynical person who has never been in an ad before, the purpose of the ad is to promote cryptocurrencies to people sceptical of the digital currency space.

David’s longtime creative partner, Jeff Schaffer, told The Hollywood Reporter that over the years, various agencies approached them to talk about collaborating, but when they tried to come up with some concepts, the conversations ended up being fruitless.

However, when ad agency dentsuMB came up with the idea of having David play a time-travelling idiot, it was too perfect to pass up.

hFc QK9U2MO5Jr363I2LPkx39VABmWpKtFX hwAazwjl iIM5PAfwUCocRnJT Y 88uOXFFd36iE L2xQF2lIrcwaBnclq0ElJK9ErQYtx QzVzctH9GKkQw7GD2 umr9cfJd20N0B5lemPQvURHFmCZyf8QWih7K5suieH OY78lMf ohDQfjrz1iO99Ul429uoOQ

[Trick 5]: Design an irresistible offer to convince users to sign up for your program

Want to get a better result in Web3 marketing overnight? Offer something to convince people to sign up for your service – just like FTX offers free and exclusive items to platform users. The trading platform also hosts contests with attractive prizes.

For example: In 2020, FTX held a “100 eth” competition for the top three users of the trading platform. In the competition, players can use futures or options such as cryptocurrencies, altcoins, leveraged tokens, stablecoins, and indices.

In 2019, FTX issued its native cryptocurrency FTT and launched Tokenized BTC, a synthetic asset that tracks the price of Bitcoin. FTX is one of the few trading platforms that provide leveraged tokens, which are ERC-20 tokens with built-in leverage. For example, a 3x increase in Bitcoin (bull-3x) gives holders 3x exposure to Bitcoin price movements.

rudxhd87domylocAelPfYNRkr aYAcb8jf9KsFAkPQtWoQdDiv2Dj0Bf7wtNG3jpL zMDIZcAll

So, if you are looking for more ways to get cryptocurrencies or have already spent money to buy/trade cryptocurrencies, it is worthwhile to sign up for a free FTX account to get these rewards.

Of course, after each transaction exceeds $10, the number of tokens you receive is unlimited. But after a compliant transaction of $10 or more, you will receive a message to get tokens, which will be automatically deposited into the account. The token you get is randomly selected and will not obtain the same token from other or previous transactions.

[Tips 6]: Maximize the use of paid search ads to drive user registrations

Using search ads is an excellent way for exchanges to increase brand awareness because PPC ads have a high response rate. Google Ads are one of the most effective ways to acquire new users, attracting users with high “signup intent” to help increase conversion rates.

Below is an example of a PPC ad served by FTX, highlighting how easy it is for users to start crypto trading:

KqAzthfAyZ L1IxvR8PpZtzjmIxa1TNhU2s0yySt6bZFEkF8PyUI4PbuRadNtauH7EG8vrk4IVPBMs98nOfOcibCvuhUW2sZg27VMYpIg QpafsjUNWgG69DNlfkeRZe4cb3VFgTV1ffHCbs5GQLMQWcnEmV2DOKrm sYhllMFFuItvOHujki8gputW21r36290vg

Note the headline – “Crypto Investing Made Easy: The Easiest Way to Open a Trade” – is more appealing to anyone hesitant to start a crypto trading journey.

The ad copy below the headline lists a timeline of “less than 3 minutes”. That crypto deal turns on faster conversions with an excellent copy. This specific and short investment copy encourages everyone to open crypto trading because it only takes 3 minutes. Can you test this technique on your project ads?

[Tips 7]: Improve website conversion rate with sincere trust.

Brands can use trust signals to increase conversions in several ways:

  • Display customer testimonials or reviews on their website or product pages.

  • Offer customers a money-back guarantee or free returns/exchanges (also known in copywriting as “risk reversal”).

FTX builds trust and builds strong relationships with customers with several clear signals. One of the most important trust signals is transparency.

For example, FTX launched the FTX Card, which allows users to start crypto transactions with millions of merchants worldwide with zero fees. The card is free and offers the highest security standards to keep user funds safe.

FTX maintains transparency in its operations, regularly updating activities and information by writing news and tweeting. This helps build customer trust and makes them feel that the trading platform is open and honest about its business.

Another key trust signal is security. FTX has implemented several security measures to protect client assets. FTX cold-stores all client funds with a multi-layered security model, including 2FA and IP whitelisting. These all help convince customers that their assets are safe.

FTX has built a solid reputation in the industry. It is one of the most popular and respected cryptocurrency trading platforms. Users are also optimistic about them.

This helps build trust with potential customers who see a good user experience in each other.

This has helped drive FTX‘s hyper-growth to over 6 million users.

[Tips 8]: Donate to Nonprofits to Earn Respect

Corporate philanthropy has been a murky topic for decades.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond donations to good causes. Nonprofit marketing goes beyond one-time donations and drives partnerships between companies and nonprofits.

Nonprofit marketing always benefits from mutual cooperation:

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Establish a good brand image
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Improve brand awareness

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has pledged to donate most of his wealth to nonprofits and charities. He said he would only keep 1% ​​of his assets, which is enough for him to live comfortably. (approximately $100,000 per year).

His friends describe him as a strange capitalist monk. Based on the principles of effective altruism, Bankman-Fried was intrigued by this philosophy of “earn more, give more”.

Here are the steps for FTX to donate to a charity:

  1. A) Launch FTX Foundation

Bankman-Fried and Wang started FTX with the goal of making the most significant and positive impact in the world. Since 2020, FTX and its affiliates have donated millions of dollars to charitable causes. In addition to Bankman-Fried, other members of FTX have pledged to donate what they create.

In 2021, they have established the FTX Foundation and have made a positive impact on the world. The Foundation’s mission is to reduce extreme global poverty, reduce animal suffering, combat climate change, and improve long-term human development prospects.

The FTX Foundation also promises that FTX has a say in the projects it donates. Currently, the foundation gets 1% of all FTX fee income.

  1. B) Hire Gisele Bundchen as Head of Environmental and Social Initiatives

FTX recently announced that supermodel Gisele Bundchen is now the head of FTX’s environmental and social initiatives. Her role is to help connect FTX with high-impact charities.

Bankman-Fried shares the supermodel’s passion for philanthropy and building organisations that protect wildlife and the environment to end poverty for future generations. So this is a perfect role for Bundchen.

  1. C) Official donation to Ukraine

Ukrainian officials have launched an official website in cooperation with FTX to receive cryptocurrency donations to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and humanitarian aid programs.

The Aid for Ukraine page on Ukraine’s official website is a joint project between the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, U.S. cryptocurrency exchange FTX, staking provider Everstake, and Ukrainian exchange Kuna.

The site was built to raise $200 million. As of March 2022, $60 million has been raised. The site accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, Tether, and Dogecoin, as well as lesser-known currencies such as ICON and Casper.

FTX is converting all cryptocurrencies received into fiat and sending them to the National Bank of Ukraine.

Donation is a successful marketing strategy for FTX, and the effect is remarkable. Finding a cause or charity is a good strategy because customers love companies that give back: 85% of consumers prefer businesses that support charities.

#03 Marketing tips in summary

FTX developed an effective marketing strategy that helped the brand become a top cryptocurrency exchange in a very short time.

The company focuses on providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to meet the needs of both experienced and novice traders.

FTX builds products for traders, such as leveraged tokens and tokenised stocks. They used token incentives to acquire early users, and because of the high switching costs, they chose the right L1 blockchain to help expand the DeFi ecosystem around Solana.

Here are some marketing takeaways from FTX’s growth strategy:

  • Work with tier-one and less influential KOLs (depending on your budget) for projects or brand awareness, and venture into industries not related to you. FTX partners with a high-end beauty company to reach a new audience.
  • Community building is essential for your Crypto projects,  as communities help create a more active and engaged user base. Build a community using an omnichannel strategy, as this provides a broader user experience across channels. Customers leave from here and come back from there. FTX touches most of the leading social media platforms and has a large and loyal community of crypto enthusiasts who actively interact with FTX.
  • The crypto market can be difficult to grasp, so make it easy for your target users to understand your project. FTX has partnered with popular creators to create product educations that clearly explain their products in easy-to-understand language.
  • Anticipating questions, confusion or doubts allows you to understand potential customers’ emotions and answer them before they ask. To achieve this, FTX teamed up with the consummate sceptic Larry David. They created a video ad promoting cryptocurrencies to those sceptical of the digital currency space.
  • If you want to see results quickly with your marketing strategy, you need to offer some sweet bait to convince people to sign up for your service or buy your product. FTX offers platform users free and exclusive merchandise and hosts contests with attractive prizes. There is no better way to get people to take action than by offering something free/valuable.
  • Run search ads to increase brand awareness, as PPC ads have a high response rate. FTX placed PPC ads with excellent copywriting, emphasising how easy it is for a novice to open a crypto wallet in just three minutes. This makes it hard to resist.

I hope this Web3 Growth Study helps you understand the marketing strategies FTX uses to attract more users to its crypto trading platform. You can get inspired by their strategies to start your next big Web3 business.

Author: Joydeep Bhattacharya

Compilation: Misaki, Diamond, WhoKnows DAO

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