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What airline policies say about plus size travellers



One of the trending topics in Ghana this week, has been reports alleging that the winner of Atinka TV’s ‘Di Asa’ competition was turned away from an Emirates flight from Accra to Dubai, due to her size! But indeed what is the policy when it comes to flying plus size travellers?

Most carriers now have some sort of policy in place to prevent plus size travelers from infringing on the personal space of the passengers next to them.

Airline obesity policies differ in degree and detail, but decree essentially that if you don’t fit into a seat with an extension seatbelt and the armrests down, you will be charged for two seats or removed from the plane.

Most airlines recommend that if you think you will be too large for your seat, you should purchase a second seat at the time you make your original booking (or, of course, buy a ticket in first or business class). Some airlines will offer a discount on the second seat or refund the cost if the plane isn’t full, but in many cases obese passengers simply have to pay twice the price as other flyers.