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What are the advantages of the Silicone sex doll?



There are two kinds of premium dolls. These are the TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls. More than 90% of dolls are made of TPE materials. It is because TPE dolls are cheaper to produce. Their elasticity makes it easy to conform to various sex positions, which makes them easy to handle. Two things limiting the development of silicone dolls are the price and technique.

Only less than 10% of sex dolls are made with silicone. It results from the fact that they are expensive to produce. Although, they are more durable and non-porous.


Sex dolls comparison.


Silicone sex dolls are on a higher lever doll compared to other sex dolls. The silicone sex doll is resistant to clothing stains, therefore, making it easier to clean. Because it is a thermoset material, it makes it easy to sterilize as it will not lose its shape, unlike the TPE-type sex doll. The TPE sex dolls lose their consistency over time. They enter the glass transition phase when their temperature gets to about 400°C (313K). what are the advantages of silicone dolls? Well, keep reading below to find out what they are.


It is an Environment-friendly material.

Silicone dolls are environment-friendly materials. They are thermosets since the silicone type is not reactive with most elements meaning they are highly resistant to heat and can retain their shape under high pressure making it hard for them to corrode and lose shape. The silicone sex doll is more durable than the TPE sex doll. Now, the reason is that the TPE sex doll is made of thermoplastic material to a certain extent. Anime Sex Doll can effortlessly be injected to de-shape and reshape them. This property causes them to lose consistency faster than the silicone sex dolls. Silicone sex dolls can also be used in a wide range of applications that bring out more of their quality.



Much more realistic than TPE sex dolls.

Silicone sex dolls, like these zelex dolls, are more realistic in sensation, and the body parts do not wobble like that of sex dolls made with TPE materials. They have a firm shape that makes them more rigid.

Unlike the TPE sex doll, The silicone type is easier to clean after making use of it. They do not lose shape due to the high pressure exerted by the user, which makes them more realistic than the other type.



Less Oil on the skin

Oil tends to stay trapped on the doll’s skin and in some inner parts because of the Porosity of the TPE sex dolls. Some users would want to go for TPE-made dolls because of their ability to conform to many sex positions or lubricants used. TPE-made dolls are resistant to water and lubricants, which allows them to corrode easily if not thoroughly cleaned after use which can cause a reaction on the user’s skin and endanger the user’s health when using it in subsequent times. Silicone, on the other hand, is non-porous. So, therefore, Oil does not stain the skin. It requires less maintenance because this feature makes life easier as some users might not have the time to do a thorough cleaning after use.

Less weight


Though the weight of sex dolls varies according to size and the proportions of materials used in production, the same volume of material in a silicone sex doll will be heavier than that of TPE. But because the number of materials used to produce a TPE sex doll is always more, it is always relatively heavy to carry compared to silicone sex dolls.


Multi-Makeup and no fade

Due to the low resistance of TPE raw materials to water and lubricants, make-up tends to fade off over time as they come in contact with either the sweat of the users or the lotions used. It isn’t the case for silicone sex dolls, as their non-porous nature makes it possible for them to retain their make-up and look attractive over the time of their usage.



Implanted hair on a silicone sex doll, not a wig

Unlike the TPE sex dolls bought with a wig, the hair-on silicone sex dolls are implanted on its head. Implanted hairs are durable because they don’t fall off and are easy to take care while the wig of the TPE sex dolls can fall off during use destroying their beauty. It can affect the mood of the user.



Custom sex doll


You can customer tpe sex doll or silicone sex doll,the difference between them,you will have more choice on custom silicone sex dolls.You can custom the hair,implanted or wig on silicone sex doll,but there is no implanting hair for TPE sex doll.