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What Can I Expect When I Have My First Professional Laser Hair Removal Treatment?



After spending some time investigating the idea of undergoing laser hair removal in Brooklyn, NY, you’ve decided to sign up for a series of sessions. Now you wonder what things will be like while the treatment is underway. The good news is that many people find the experience more pleasant than the home treatments they’ve used in the past. Here is what you can expect during that first session and all the sessions that will follow.

A Discreet Setting

The professionals from dermani Medspa who administer the laser hair removal treatment place a great deal of emphasis on confidentiality and discretion. You can rest assured that you will receive the treatments in an area with a reasonable amount of privacy. That’s great, since you would rather not have an audience while the session is in progress.

It’s not just a matter of being out of the line of sight of others. The spaces set aside for the treatments are usually structured so that sound doesn’t carry well. That makes it all the easier for you to converse with the technician managing the treatment without everyone overhearing what’s said.


Get Ready to Relax

Along with being in a discreet setting, expect to be comfortable. The temperature will allow you to feel not too hot or too cold. There are cushions and comfortable places to sit or stretch out, depending on where the unwanted hair happens to be. Thanks to the combination, you may even find yourself beginning to relax to the point of getting a little groggy.

If you do happen to doze off, don’t worry. The technician can continue the treatment and will gently wake you if there’s the need to shift your position. With such a comfortable setting, the treatment will seem to be over a lot faster than you expected.  According to a recent survey most women who used cosmetic lasers feel very relaxed after their treatment as well.

Forget About Pain


You already know how painful waxing and other hair removal approaches can be. That’s not the way things go with laser hair removal treatments. The laser permeates the skin and impacts the hair follicle but not much else. The result is that you don’t have to be concerned about anything that’s like razor burn or skin abrasions.

You may see some slight redness that fades soon after the treatment is over. You’ll also need to refrain from some activities for a few hours, but that’s to protect the skin rather than to avoid making pain worse. All if all, you’ll feel good during and after each session.

The Session Won’t Take Long

Compared to the amount of time you’ve spent using other methods, a laser hair removal treatment and colon hydrotherapy at Natalie Nature Way – beauty clinic in Brooklyn will not take all that long. The amount of time will vary somewhat, based on how many areas you want treated. In general, plan on a session that lasts for an hour. Your technician can provide a more specific time estimate after the first session.


Once the technician has completed a session, you don’t have to jump up, get dressed, and run out the door. You’ll have a few moments to rest a bit and maybe even enjoy some light application of aloe or some other lotion to the affected area. Take advantage of this time to get in a few more moments of relaxation before you get back to whatever tasks are on your plate for the rest of the day.

When you book your first appointment, expect to receive some suggestions that will help make your session everything that you want it to be. You’ll also receive some guidelines for keeping yourself comfortable over the next day or two. Put those to good use and it’ll be easy to enjoy the sessions and get the most from every one of them.

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