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What coronavirus has done with the online casino industry



The Constant Increase of Mobile Casinos in UK

The coronavirus epidemic has affected virtually all areas of life. The service sector, tourism, and trade have suffered very seriously. The pandemic also hit cryptocurrency, oil prices, and the exchange rate. The gambling sector suffers as well. However, the epidemic did not affect the online casinos, it affected only ground-based institutions, so in quarantine conditions online users visit Australian online gambling clubs more than before.

Bans on gambling during the coronavirus around the world

Macau is the first gaming market to be affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. All land gaming establishments were quarantined. This decision was made within 12 hours. When compiling the analytical data, there was a forecast of a 50% reduction in GGR for 3 months, but no one said that the indicator would relate to negative forecasts. Some analysts claim that the whole world of the gambling industry will suffer losses by only 6%. At the moment of writing this article, ALL GAMBLING CLUBS are closed around the world (even Las Vegas’ establishments are closed). So, there is no way to experience gambling entertainment except for online casinos.

The competition in the online gambling market is huge. However, for users, this is only a win, since great competition makes much better services in the competitive niche for end users. Thanks to this, we can have “free” money for playing in an online casino. Anyway, if you are a fan of gambling you will be interested in making bets online during quarantine lockdown. The fact is that making a bet remotely even easier than in the ground-based club:

  • no need to dress accordingly to dress code;
  • regulation of own funds;
  • lack of transportation/travel costs;
  • saving personal time.

There are many advantages of playing online casinos if there are no gaming club in your country of residence, namely:

  • they are always available;
  • there are free games;
  • large selection of slots;
  • transparency of operation;
  • many ways to deposit and withdraw funds;
  • user can play “incognito”.

In most online casinos, the age for earning is not a hindrance (you can spin the reels if you are at least at the age of 18), so everyone can feel the atmosphere of gambling entertainment. It is worth remembering that an online casino must be reliable, affordable, and have a large selection of games. You can take a look at the compiled list of the best Australian online casino here – On the Bgaoc site, you will also be able to try gambling games for free.

Top gambling games of the world

Few tips which will help you to avoid bad gambling clubs

If the site is constantly on technical work or just shows you an error, then it is not reliable, and it is not recommended to enter personal data on such online resources.


In Great Britain, all credit cards are checked, it is forbidden to bet using them in online casinos. This is because many residents of Great Britain become addicted to gambling, and in addition to profit, they accumulate large debts. However, there is a way to circumvent this “blockage”, you can simply use a payment system such as PayPal for making a deposit or withdraw money in an Australian online casino.


During the year, all casinos will look at losses from quarantine. Since there is no confidence in mass events, all tourism, both inside and outside of the country is frozen. This will contribute to the fact that the online casino industry will gain more popularity, but it will not completely cover all the losses that land institutions will suffer.

However, there is one niche in online gambling that will suffer from quarantine. The niche of bookmakers. Bookmakers will suffer greatly during this period. The fact that most matches have been canceled will also greatly affect the income of online sports betting platforms.

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