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What Dragonfly Dreams Say About You



Dreams are a part of our subconscious mind that wakes up when we sleep. Mostly when we are unconscious while sleeping, we see things that we wish for that’d be real but are imagined. But other magnificent times we view dreams, that direct us with their hidden meanings and objectives that something is about to happen. They sometimes warn, tell a future happening, and seldom be just a glimpse of your thoughts. But seeing dreams can mean much more than that. 

Seeing a dragonfly in a way in your dreams can have deep meaning depending on the way you see it. If you have seen a dragonfly in a dream, you may be feeling a deep impression left by it on you. Just like the light insect, it provides a delicate feeling and often brings happiness but not for all dreams. Here are some of the most common dragonfly dreams and their interpretations to guide the path for you:


Dragonfly Dreams

Dreams with dragonfly in them in your subconscious mind can be a sign of change taking place in your life. These dreams can have different meanings depending on their appearance, type of dragonfly, actions taking place, and some other aspects that determine the nature. The following are some ways to distinguish your dragonfly dreams and find out exactly what they mean, to implement in your life:



A dragonfly land on you in your dream; chances are that you are going to be lucky with something you had wished to do or happen. This means that you must muster up your courage and take charge of your life. Don’t delay the things you had planned to start living your life. It’s a way of the subconscious mind telling you that now is the best time to start something new and take risks to start your growth journey.


Seeing a Dragonfly Wings 

Unlike the above description of the dream involving dragonfly, if the flying insect appears with only its wings, it may be a sign that your growth may see some obstacles. Due to the dream’s object being delicate in nature, it shows that you must be careful when taking chances and choose your next step strategically. Learn to develop a tactical mind and create flexibility to bounce back any obstacle life throws at you.



Even if you have never thought about caring for a dragonfly or been fond of it, you can see a dream about stroking it. This is a good dream that symbolizes that everything is going to be fine and you’re going to be safe. It’s a dream to reassure you that hard times will pass and the sun will shine again. You will be in a more comfortable place than you are right now after you have made all your efforts to a brighter future. 


Catching a Dragonfly

Dreams can sometimes occur to tell you about your personality and nature. If you’re on the path to self-discovery and find yourself confused along the way, you can take help from your dreams and understand your true nature better, to change some habits if needed. 

Hence, if a dragonfly is flying in your dream and you catch it in your hands, but it gets released, it can have different meanings on your current state. If the insect manages to fly away from your clutches, you may be scared to let go of things and/or people. However, if you release it yourself after catching it, you’re in control of your life and can easily let go and move forward. 


A Colorful Display of Dragonflies

Dragonflies come in different colors and shapes. And if you see a few of these colors in your dream, even if you hadn’t seen them in real life, it means that you’re going to face more growth. Just like you have been, you will grow even more in a positive way and fly freely like a dragonfly someday with its wide wings and many colors. This dream tells you to keep fighting because soon you’re going to see results and be in a better or higher position in life than you used to be.




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