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What is a percussion massage gun?



Are you still worrying about backache? Are you still doing regular physical therapy every week but troubled don’t have enough time? I believe if you are the one who concern about muscle relaxations then you must have heard of massage guns, which have go wild since 2019.

With the trending of the muscle massage gun, there are more and more choices on the market.  Price, performance, and configuration may vary depends on the brands you choose. Today I am going to tell you what is percussion massage guns and what are pros and cons of then.

What is a percussion massage gun

Massage gun is an electronic handheld massager which uses an engine to provide high-frequency pressure on human muscle to reach muscle relaxation purpose.  You can consider it as a mini muscle massager which you can use after every workout.

Why do massage guns on the market look exactly the same, but because of the difference in subtle parameters, the price is so different? In essence, the difference between product design and internal structure enriches everyone’s selectivity and reduces the price of massage guns. Here are some points you need to consider before you make a purchase.

Noise level

Normally, a massage gun utilizes a high-torque, low-noise motor that is capable of delivering 3,200 pulses per minute, making it possible to get deep into the muscle fibers, aiding faster recovery without unnecessary noise.The noise generated has been reduced by 50% compared to the first devices of the brand. You don’t have to worry making too much noise in public gym, fitness center, or you can use it even in your office.

In order to further reduce the noise level, some massage guns use a mover, which is a 12-slot 14-pole structure, and others have a 12-slot 8-pole structure. The 12-slot 8-pole is a conventional winding method. The motor has a large cogging torque and heavy electromagnetic noise. The 12-slot 14-pole structure is a winding method similar to a sine wave, which greatly reduces the cogging torque between the stator and rotor of the motor and reduces the electromagnetic noise of the motor.

Multiple Speed Options

Good Massage guns have a scientifically calibrated Japanese engine designed with 5-speed adjustment system according to different needs of your relaxed level. Speed 1 is used to wake up your muscles, while speed 2 is for fascia release. Choose speed 3 to eliminate lactic acid or speed for a deep tissue massage. If you need to relax after an extreme muscle activity, choose speed 5 for muscle recovery.

Its rotates close to the physiotherapy-level DMS, due to the high-configuration motor, plus 6 power type LG lithium batteries. Actual detection, it can hit 12mm deep muscles at maximum speed. This is a professional-grade massage gun, which is very close to the depth of the medical-grade massage gun.

Battery life

Its built-in rechargeable lithium battery can last you 300 minutes of battery life. Use them for 10 minutes every day and the charged battery can last you for the whole month. Take this along with you when you go camping, hiking, or anywhere that does not have a power source and you can still use the massager to relax your muscles.

Most Good massage guns’ battery uses a lithium battery 18650 power (LG) battery, the maximum capacity of one battery is 3200mah. The power of 6 batteries is 69.12wh. The cycle life is up to 500 cycles. When the power is greater than 80% for storage, the power can be maintained even if it is not used for 4 years. Therefore, this power battery can amplify the current by 3 times, so it can be safer and have a longer service life.

Battery life is crucial for a long term usage, therefore you should always pay attention on it when you are selecting a massage gun.

Interchangeable head

Many massage guns are come with 4 different massage heads. Each massage head is designed for different parts of the body; the fork massage head is designed for the spine; the flathead, for any part of the body; bullet one, for your joints while the round head is used for a large muscle group. It means if you have one you get four different massagers, you can relax different parts of you body as you like. It’s very convenient and cost-effective compare with other products in the market.

The best massage gun in the market

Considering different aspects of massage guns and after we have testes all the models in the market we believe this massage gun is the best for money. It’s made by Everyfun. It can effectively help you to:

  • Relief muscular pain
  • Create a muscular union
  • Stretch the muscle tissue
  • Improve muscle recovery and growth after exercise
  • Relieve lactic acid from the muscles after tension
  • Increase total range of motion


If you want to relax your muscle like a professional, massage gun is here for you. It serve a simple purpose, to make you muscle recover faster and easier. There are many choices in the market, you should always choose wisely. If you want to make a purchase today, don’t hesitate to choose  the one I mentioned before. I can guarantee you a wonderful experience.