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What is An Embroidery Tattoo?



A tattoo can be a mark, word, figure, or design deliberately fixed or placed on the dermis layer of the skin as a form of expression. The modification is done by inserting tattoo ink, dyes, and other pigments into the skin. They can either be permanent or temporary.

People have always had personal reasons for getting a tattoo. Religion, protection, luck, fraternity, a symbol of prestige, artistic expression, and cosmesis are some of the common reasons for owning a tattoo.

Moreover, social interactions and technological advancements have motivated more people to acquire tattoos. The exchange of cultural experiences and varying lifestyle changes has spearheaded the drastic need for tattoos. Consequently, different tattoo artists have invented new alterations and modifications to meet the growing demand. Embroidery tattoos have emerged as one of the popular modifications in this wave of unique designs. Let’s focus on their design components and why embroidered tattoo designs look so real.

Technological Development


Tattoo designs have seen remarkable developments with advances in tattooing technology and ink manufacture. Although attempts to design embroidery tattoos have always been made, the 3D effect is a new development. The 3D design makes the tattoo look like a real inserted patchwork design sewed onto the skin or an iron-on craft patch applied directly to the skin. The design is an incredibly intricate piece that creates an impressive illusion. Also the tattoo removal cost for this process is not too high.

The embroidery design would be impossible without using modern, fine precision tattoo guns. The guns allow the artist to add fine details to tattoo designs and explore different visual textures, including the 3D look. Moreover, the use of modern multicoloured inks has improved detailing.


Although embroidery tattoos are relatively new, they pay homage to traditional designs, with the use of tattoo stencil paper. Therefore, people looking to preserve their culture, traditions, and beliefs through tattoos can still do so. The embroidery tattoo explores a fusion of classical art forms with modern underground cultures. Moreover, artists have created new embroidery themes and designs that have taken a life of their own and formed a following.


Swift Application

Embroidery tattoos are designed on the skin in a creative artistic way. There is no actual embroidery, stitching, or yarn used; however, the tattoos are created with a tattoo gun, needle, and a variety of inks, just like other tattoos. However, the detailing process is thorough to achieve a 3D visual effect.

Getting an embroidery tattoo begins with selecting the design and indicating where you want it done. Design selection may require your direct input in the choice of colours and texture. However, your artist will still guide you to make the best choice. Once you decide on the what and where; all that’s left is to draw in the tattoo. This stage is reserved for artists who can professionally draw embroidery tattoos. The session can be in one sitting or multiple sittings depending on the size and design of the tattoo.

Upon completion, the tattoo will be red and sore for the first few weeks. The level of soreness you experience will depend on the size of the tattoo and its location. Nonetheless, you will receive instruction on tattoo care to expedite the healing process.



There is a high probability you have already seen embroidery tattoos on social media. The design is spreading like wildfire, and everyone wants in on it. Unlike most trends that die out in a short period, tattoo trends tend to stick since the designs are permanent. Instead of dying out, tattoo trends form the basis for communities with similar designs. Therefore, if you are keen on joining the embroidery tattoo trend, you will be part of a large community of tattoo enthusiasts.

All in all, the embroidery tattoo has taken the world by storm. The versatility and final presentation of the design make it a high-quality piece of art. Moreover, it blends well with the current trends and fashion without threatening traditional cultures of tattoos. So it’s not surprising why embroidered tattoos are so popular. Moreover, this new approach will surely get more unique designs.

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