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What Is an EP, And What Are the Reason to Release Your EP?



EP stands for extended play.  An EP generally has 5-7 songs.  Before the EP, there used to be recorded versions, whose capacity was 1-3 songs.  After this, marketing firms could produce a set of whole albums which were the LPs.  LP or Long play has been the most popular medium for recording songs in the last 40 years.

EPs are comparatively cheaper and easier to get your hands on.  For a successful story in the music industry, this is also one of the most effective ways to entice your customers. There are several record label songs that can be pulished easily with the help of Sound on.

There was a time when EPs used to be time-consuming, but now they are back in trend, and there are several reasons they are advantageous for streaming music.

Advantages Of Setting Your EP For Your Music Streaming

  • Full-length albums are out of trend

Even though the demand for music is more significant than ever, listeners are not used to sitting and listening to one artist.  The attention span of listeners has decreased drastically.  Artists are releasing for EPs rather than LPs as they are more palatable to modern listeners.

  • Helps you moderate your song profile

Sometimes while working on a single, artists tend to work for perfection.  This overworking usually delays the release of the song.  This is why working on an EP moderates your song profile and puts your focus on multiple songs instead of one.  No album is full of great songs, and this is where EP again helps the artist by assisting them in choosing the best of the lot.

  • Helps you focus on the body of the music content

It is essential to focus on an independent artist’s career rather than focusing on one song.  When you focus on an EP or a collection of a piece, you start to treat yourself as a real artist.  Typically, musicians always work on a group project.  Music is a collection of ideas, themes, emotions, and experiences.  To capture the essence of all this, you need multiple songs.  When you progress over the years, you can look back at your projects and Eps and judge your progress.

  • Gives credibility as an artist

It gives you more credibility when you release multiple songs on a streaming platform.  It’s great to release a single, but if you remove an AP of various themes, you’ll have more visibility in search results.  When a collection of songs hits a music platform in a single day, it gives the artist more reach and elevates their reputation from a home artist to a professional.  This also helps the artist pop up more in the streaming platform algorithm.

  • Helps you grow faster

The more music you make in a condensed period, the quicker you grow as a musician, artist, or songwriter.  An EP has more songs than a single and takes much less time than a complete album.  This helps the musician release a bunch of songs in a short period.  The only way to follow this process is to have many released projects.  When you create a large body of work, you learn more with your experience and eventually manage to create a project of high quality.  EP is the best way to gain more visibility and generate more body of work.

The results are efficient and quality based on the kind of EP.

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