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What Is Casino Royale Style? How has it influenced the modern fashion industry?



Casino Royale style is more about your image as you step into that local casino. When you choose a Casino Royale style, you have to forget about just wearing attire for the sake of it. Instead, the subject closely focuses on the image created for approval as people walk across the sophisticated gaming establishment. 

The best way to understand this is to look at the James Bond film Casino Royale which perfectly captures this extravagance. The film shows us how James Bond that we know today evolves thanks to his clothing. We get to see him change from a cocky and careless character to a well-polished and sharp agent. He best captures the unspoken rule that there is a certain way you should dress when you walk into your local casino

This is a unique feature amongst all casinos, whether big or small. The journey from your wardrobe to the casino is one that you do not want to mess up with. As many come in for an enjoyable gaming session, they are also on the lookout for fashion inspiration. 

The Casino Royale style establishes that you are expected to be in elegant outfits, jewels, and killer shoes when you visit a land-based casino. Formal attire is a crucial requirement for this kind of setup. It is a way to show who the boss is. 

No Caps in Casinos

Most casinos, if not all, have strict rules as far as caps, shorts, and open shoes are concerned. They strictly prohibit visitors from wearing such outfits. Luckily, both women and men have enough lead in James Bond movies to help guide their elegant clothing. 

Dressing for the night out is one of the many things that you should look out for when the word casino is mentioned. It gives you an opportunity to reveal your character through your choice of style. Even if you plan to play no download free demo slots online from the comfort of your home, you can still get inspired by a classy outfit thanks to Casino Royale.

As far as women are concerned, going to the casino is more than just looking for an exciting gaming experience. It is an opportunity to play dress up. And if she decides to go big by playing real money casino games, she is sure to have everyone’s eyes locked on her. 

Mid-Blue Suits

The impact of Casino Royale on the fashion industry has been unsurmountable. For a long time, men tended to stick to charcoal suits and bland black suits. However, that appears to have drifted in favor of mid-blue suits that James Bond appears on several occasions. 

These types of suits may appear decidedly darker on screen than in real life due to the character’s color grading. As much as light brown shoes often serve as the main companions to these types of shoes, Bond establishes that classic and formal black shoes are equally a thing to consider. 

Ivory Dinner Jackets 

One of the most iconic Casino Royale styles that you cannot afford to ignore is encapsulated by ivory dinner jackets. Whereas society has traditionally limited men to wear these kinds of outfits for specific locales and seasons, men today choose not to let others dictate their dressing patterns. That explains the spike in the number of men wearing ivory dinner jackets since they first hit the screens. 

Of course, designers have been creative enough to introduce several iterations on the buttons, lapels, and many other sections. 


Casino Royale style has defined how women perceive accessories and their respective match for the chosen outfit. Accessories have the power to steal the spotlight or ruin the moment. Any lady dressing to impress has learned the need to strike the right balance between accessories and their overall outfit. 

Men have equally learned that throwing in some accessories can complement their overall look. James Bond glasses are the main point of focus here, but he also introduces cufflinks and gold lighter that are worth considering.




10 Reasons Why People Love Leather Jackets



Leather jackets are the coolest! To say that it is popular would be an understatement. This is because they are now an ideal choice of outerwear clothing among men and women.

With the advent of coats and other pieces of outwear, nothing has replaced leather jackets. The popularity of different color jackets has significantly risen and continues to do so!

Leather jackets are up for you to shop in a great variety of styles, from classic motorcycle jackets designed to prevent heavy injuries to fashion garments. The jackets are warm and windproof and keep you warm during outdoor activities.

The jackets are made up of sheepskin, mold accordingly, and turn into one of your valuable possession. People now wear it all day, every day. The more you wear it, the more attractive it becomes.

Still looking for reasons that why people are in love with their leather jackets, don’t worry! We have decided to help you. The reasons listed below as follows are:

1.    Leather jackets are trendy and stylish:

Leather jackets are super fashionable and never go of style. The jackets are designed to make you look that you are up for walking on a fashion ramp. It might come out as a whole lot of exaggeration, but unarguably they are the most fashionable clothing piece in the globe.

Wear any leather jacket, be it a black, brown, or any other color. You are getting some head turned towards you. Or you can try wearing a leather jacket someday and walk down the street. Count the heads turned upon you, leaving a lasting impression on people.

2.    Leather jackets make you look cool:

No matter how you pair them up and when to wear them, the jackets are pretty edgy. The jackets make your personality look cooler and level up your fashion game. You can try searching images by including ‘edgy style’ on the search tab.

The images displayed on your computer screen will be of people wearing leather jackets in various styles. Undoubtedly, it includes the edgiest material, making you look cool more than ever before.

3.    Leather jackets are vintage and chic:

Leather jackets have been in the trend since the start. It is a vintage clothing piece, yet chic. The jackets offer an old-school style alongside a contemporary style. It gives you an unmatched opportunity to connect the present with the past.

For easy time travel, you can call for leather!

4.    Leather jackets were originally designed for fighter pilots:

The above heading is accurate. Back in the day, leather jackets were worn by fighter pilots and were not in fashion. Initially, the jackets were designed for military pilots. They were military clothing pieces and considered vital in the past. Imagine military fighter pilots opting for it while serving significant fashion goals.

5.    The ultimate protection item during world war:

During times of world war, most of the air jets didn’t include enclosed cockpits. Thus, pilots were required to wear something that kept them warm. For this reason, the US Army introduced a clothing board.

The brand offer heavy-duty leather jackets to pilots. These leather jackets include wraparound collars, zipper closures alongside wind flaps, snug cuff, and waist. Some of these leather jackets included fur too.

Therefore, the aim was fulfilled since this clothing piece kept the army warm. Further, the jackets protected them while they served fashion looks. It couldn’t get any cooler than this! They were attractive, and it was above all.

6.    Maroon leather jackets are a fashion statement:

Leather jackets have been here for the longest time and have influenced greatly. Thus, this means Hollywood is also inspired by this clothing item. Dated back to 1953, Marlin Brando during The Wild One was spotted wearing it, making everyone speechless.

Other popular personalities including, Joana Jett, Debbie Harry, and Kate Moss, were dotted sporting it during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. To this day, people dress in classic maroon leather jackets and make a fashion statement like no one.

The list doesn’t stop here. Emma Watson, Hugh Jackman, and George Clooney were sporting the classic style, making every jaw dropped!

7.    Popular among musicians:

Music sets everyone’s mood right, and so do the leather jackets. The Ramones, Elvis, the Beatles, and Madonna are considered “Gods of music.’ Their music has been passed from one generation to another and continues to top till day.

Just similar to their taste in music, they all are seen getting dressed up in leather jackets. They share a common interest related, and no one pulls off a timeless classic piece like them.

8.    The addictive smell of leather jackets:

The supreme smell of leather jackets is attractive and might fell off as a legal drug. However, this isn’t happening anytime soon. The scent is addictive and refreshing, and you don’t require convincing anymore because they smell the best.

9.    Worn as formal and casual:

The timeless clothing piece helps you serving goals all the time, be it a formal or a casual event. You can pair it with anything, and it uplifts your fashion game. You can pair it up with a pair of denim and boots for a casual look and with dress pants for a formal event. Voila, you are ready!

10.Always in style:

A leather jacket isn’t replaced by any of the regular styles to date. A leather jacket is a timeless piece that isn’t going out of style. They are a fashion statement. Dorn, it anywhere with the right pair of clothing and accessories to boost up your fashion game.

You wish to look cool, hot, casual, or formal. Grab your leather jacket and wear it to serve these looks.

In a wrap:

With leather jackets, the ball is in your court. Pair the timeless clothing piece with the right kind of accessories to serve good looks. The clothing piece is popular for the above reasons, offering classic style to all age groups.

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Wet and Wavy Adjustable Human Hair Full Lace Wig Style



The best human hair wig styles are of different types. There are numerous choices and interests levels that can be helpful and assistive to approach with easy and simple approaching standards according to the needs and priorities levels. Choice of the best human hair full lace wig collection can be approached with simple and reliable resources. Choice of the latest fashioning Deep Wave styles can be chosen according to the priorities and interests levels to access with easy and simple approaching patterns. Sarce& precious design hair designs can be accessed with easy and simple approaching standards.

There are the latest fashioning full lace wig styles that can be accessed with instant and smart choices to access with simple accessibility resources. Black women like the latest fashioning hair wig styles that can match their personalities to enhance their importance to access instant and reliable sources. There are varieties of useful and attractive hairstyles that can be accessed with quick delivery options. Black women like full lace wig hair designs that can be matched with a simple and reliable source of action plans. GLUELESS HIGH-DENSITY BREATHABLE LACE CLOSURE WIG, WET & WAVY HEADBAND WIG | EASY SWITCH (CURL & STRAIGHT) are lots of attractive and instant and fast accessibility resources to access with simple and reliable sources to get the best and smart choices.

Adjustable straps can be approached with simple and useful inspiration to access from fast and authentic resources. Do preferences to get satisfied with easy and smart feature plans. Black women like the latest fashioning ideas and useful inspirations that can be approached with instant and reliable resources to buy the latest fashioning choices. Buy the latest fashioning hair wig styles and ideas that can be approached from fast and quick accessibility parameters. Nothing can be explored to access with an easy and reliable source of action plans.

Approach from quick and reliable proceeding can be matched according to the interests and priorities and inspirations can be accessed with simple and quick accessibility parameters. Lightly pre-plucked hairline ideas can be accessed with step-by-step integration of plans to find the best and quick accessibility resources. Swiss medium brown hairbands and hairstyles can be approached with instant and fast accessibility plans. Latest fashioning women’s hair wig styles can be approached through reliable resources. Hair wig collection can be accessed with instant and smart choices to access with a user-friendly interface.

Young ladies like reliable and authentic resources to access with instant and smart choices. There are massive ranges of ideas and latest technology features that can be approached with an instant and reliable source of action plans. There is a great chance to boosts your hair with attractive and trending fashion hairstyles and make sure who to get satisfied with and which style of length match your personality. Improves your hair with a natural flow to choose the same texture with body requirements. Make sure new full lace wig trends and the latest fashion arrival updates from authentic resources before proceeding further.

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Unique and Attractive Frontal Lace Wig Styles and Trends



Density frontal lace wig glueless can be satisfied to access from instant and fast accessibility resources according to the interests and priorities levels of the women. There are many choices and interests levels density frontal wig range that is matched according to the interests and priorities levels. Women like the latest fashioning hairstyles. There are numerous choices and interests levels that can be approached to access from instant responding plans. Hair materials, hairstyles, density, hairline, straps, wig comb bands, weight, model wig, can be best matched according to the interests level and priorities of the people with a simple and reliable source of action plans.

Adjustable straps and elastic bands can be delivered with simple and fast accessibility resources according to the interests and priorities levels. Women like the latest fashioning styles can be approached with easy and simple approaching standards according to the interests and trusts levels of the black women. 180% density frontal lace wigglueless pre plucked for free. There are varieties of latest fashioning plans to match with the priorities and the interest’s levels to access with simple and quick assistance. Swiss, medium brown lace hair wig styles can be accessed with easy and simple approaching parameters to make sure which patterns and priorities of hair wigs can be approached with easy and simple approaching plans.

180% Density is one of the best and ideal choices with a realistic look that can be approached with easy and simple approaching standards according to the needs and priorities levels. Unique and elegant feature frontal lace wigs pre-plucked can be accessed with an instant and reliable source of action plans. There are numerous ideas and interesting points that can be accessed with easy and simple approaching standards to find the best and perfect possible solutions. The luxurious Texture of the hair wig styles greatly influences to match with the interests and priorities levels.

Natural Hairline and Pre Plucked have great influence to approach from easy and simple approaching standards. Silk top Bob wig bangs and loose deep wave headband wig styles can be accessed with easy and simple approaching plans to enhance the personality presence. Women like the latest and attractive fashioning range that can be accessed with easy and smart choices according to the interests and priorities levels. Online add-to-cart features enable interested women to take an interest to buy the best and attractive hair wigs according to their properties and interests levels.

13×4 Lace Frontal, 180% Density provides strong assistance and quick accessibility approaching standards according to the interests and priorities. Unique Texture, custom length, and quality can explroe explore according to the interests levels. Gorgeous Outcome provides instant access and fast accessibility resources according to the interest’s levels to access with easy and simple approaching plans. Black women like instant access and quick accessibility resource to buy specific wig styles. There are numerous ideas about frontal lace wig glueless pre-plucked can be accessed with instant and quick accessibility resources.

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Meet Ghanaian Jewellery Designer behind luxury brand “SAHMANI”



Sahmani is a luxury jewellery brand that specializes in premium made-to-order handcrafted pieces with collections that infuse traditional Ghanaian symbolism and cultural cues.

Founded in 2016 by Aisha Asamany, a British Ghanaian self-taught jewellery designer with a passion for creating exceptional pieces inspired by her personal journeys, her Ghanaian culture and its symbolism. Whilst working as a Management Consultant for some of the UKs best known financial institutions, she started her brand, Lonam which evolved into SAHMANI (loosely derived from her family surname).

With a mission to normalise the presence of black luxury in the jewellery space, she started designing demi-fine rings and pendants with her modern take on Adinkra that fit perfectly with her cultural identity and her corporate surroundings.

Having made the move to Ghana with her husband and young son during the Year of Return, she continues to serve her discerning Ghanaian and international clients, by turning their personal journeys into luxury forever pieces that celebrate important milestones.

Sahmani jewellery fuses ancient wisdom with modern luxury, to create more meaningful beauty. Inspired by an African mythology that speaks of universal truth, Sahmani Jewellery’s handcrafted gold pieces are as meaningful as they are beautiful. With the use of Adinkra symbols steeped in mystical significance to create these pieces of jewellery,  these golden emblems are said to have been sent from heaven to an ancient warrior king, each with its own name, history and meaning.

Adinkra have been worn for centuries to project strength, fearlessness, and love – and to remind the wearer of their own inherent power, capability, and what lies ahead.

A Sahmani piece uses these timeless emblems to represent your story.To celebrate the triumphs – and mark the challenges – that made you who you are. To inspire renewed faith that all things are possible as you shape your own destiny.

Demi-fine / Fashion Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are available in four core collection designs: Cocoa; Fearless; Braid; and Charm.

Sahmani also offers fully bespoke fine jewellery pieces, (including the very popular engagement ring design service).  Each design is initially hand-sketched, before being 3D modelled, this allows clients choosing bespoke pieces to have a personalised 360° preview of their jewellery prior to manufacture. With pieces being made in a choice of solid yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, our artisan jewellers will also add diamonds or precious gemstones that have been selected. (All Sahmani materials, including gemstones, are ethically sourced). Finished jewellery is presented in Sahmani’s signature green eco friendly packaging.

Sahmani is the lovechild of former management consultant Aisha Asamany, who started the business with a problem: a lost ring. Not just any ring – a ring she had designed herself, from scratch, to celebrate her first job in banking. Plus, to honour her mixed Ghanaian, St. Lucian and Bajan heritage in a way that fit her London lifestyle.

Aishas ring was a completely unique piece that represented all the hard work, determination and perseverance that got her to where she was. A one-off design that fused the key elements of her personal story as an ambitious professional, a young Londoner (and ex-hip hop dancer), and a child of deep, traditional roots.

It was my first foreverpiece,” says Aisha, and used a selection of Adinkra symbols that meant something to me to mark the moment I thought: This is it. Ive made it.It was really important to me to buy it for myself as a personal celebration. I was devastated when I realised it was gone.

Aisha knew she couldnt ever replace the handcrafted ring – and realised, in that moment, that fate had intervened to shape her destiny anew. She set out to bring the ancient Adinkra wisdom of her forefathers to a modern audience, by designing jewellery for those seeking more meaningful beauty. Strength, determination, passion and love have shaped the Sahmani story. We cant wait to help you honour yours.

Pieces of Sahmani can be purchased at Phone: 0555 135 235, email:, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & TikTok @sahmanijewellery


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From Fitness To Fashion with Yoga Pants



Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years by early Indian culture as a form of meditation. But in the early 20th century, it became a form of fitness exercise. The first yoga pants were sold in 1998; it has become a multi-billion dollar business since then.


More than 20 years have passed, the industry and the exercise itself endured the test of time. But from the gym to the streets, yoga pants became an addition to closets of fitness buffs and ladies that wanted something sporty.

The Exercise and the Pants


Since then, many companies have been making yoga pants to fulfill the demands of fitness lovers. You can buy yoga pants wholesale from manufacturers or in the athletic section of department stores in various designs and colors.


The stretchy, breathable fabric made its way to many closets, with diverse colors and designs that appealed to the masses; this also made yoga pants a strong competitor with jeans as a casual bottom for ladies, whereas jeans got beaten later on. 


While the yoga craze is in decline, the pants are still widely used as gym attire and casual wear. The versatility of the yoga pants is self-evident.


Wearing It Without Knowing It

Like its cousin, the leggings, yoga pants can pass as casual wear. You can pair it with a plain shirt, a hoodie, or anything in between. People wear their yoga pants on the streets since the fiber blend keeps them cool and dry, so they go home in their yoga pants after the yoga session.


Since then, you can’t tell between leggings and yoga pants, so be stylish on your way to the gym by pairing your pair with some of these options.


  • Flats are great with yoga pants. Derived from ballet flats, comfy and durable, it is inseparable from your yoga pants.
  • Sandals are also suitable for strolling at the beach or an early morning walk around the neighborhood.
  • Sneakers are an obvious option. Yoga pants can always be paired with it, whether you go to the gym or the mall.
  • Low-cut shoes like mary janes sneakers are also great matchups for casual occasions. 


Any comfy footwear is an excellent combo with yoga pants. Avoid wearing ankle boots, dressy flat shoes, loafers, and heels. Also, avoid wearing yoga pants at formal parties. Let casual be casual.


Tops and Accessories


Tops and accessories for yoga pants may vary with the weather and where you are going. Here are some options to mix and match.

  • Sweatshirts or jackets for cold or windy weather to keep you warm in style.
  • Tunics on sunny days are also fabulous for their loose design to hide those extra pounds.
  • Pair with button-up shirts for a casual top, if you need to go out to buy at the local store. After a workout, you can slip into one of these before you go home.
  • Tees and tanks can never be too casual. From chilling at home to going to events like concerts or ball games, it’s easy to change or layer with your jacket.
  • Crop top and athletic gear as activewear at the gym or when taking a jog at the neighborhood or the park. Breathable and light yoga pants make sure you can have a great workout.


Accessories also come with some options. Wear shades, headbands, and sweatbands for style and function. Casual and versatile, they can be mixed and matched with your yoga pants in any way you like.

Taking Care of It 

Durable but not indestructible like other clothes, the life of your yoga pants can be extended by following some washing guidelines. Here are some tips to take care of your pants.

  • Keep it separate from other clothes, especially those with zippers and hooks that may catch and rip your pants.
  • Choosing the suitable detergent is also a factor; make sure it is mild and doesn’t go heavy on the bleach.
  • Whether by hand wash or a washing machine, invert your pants before you wash them, to remove the dead skin and sweat easily and preserve the color.
  • Preferably, wash it in cold water to avoid fading and shrinking, as the fiber of yoga pants is sensitive to heat.
  • Air drying is the best option for yoga pants; as often as possible, avoid heated dryers. When tumble-drying, separate it again from clothes that have zippers or hooks that may snag your yoga pants.

Following these tips will help you keep your yoga pants for much longer and save for a new one.

The Big Don’ts

Though versatile, there are some limitations to wearing your favorite yoga pants.

Here are some outfit scenarios that may get you into trouble with the fashion police for style and formality.

  • Avoid wearing them on formal occasions, as it is frowned upon when you are underdressed for a formal gathering. Instead, invest in formal attire for gatherings and parties as such.
  • Don’t pair it with bodysuits; this will make you look like a pro wrestler from the 80s. Instead, wear a tank-top or jacket for extra coverage.
  • Never pair them with skirts, unless you are going to an 80s themed party. This pairing will make you look outdated; instead, wear an oversized shirt or sweater for a much more modern look.
  • Wear subtle to no jewelry; being sporty and fabulous can be achieved with less or no bling on you. When it comes to jewelry, less is more if you are not familiar with it.

Fit and Stylish

Your yoga pants are a great item in your fashion arsenal. In the battle of being hip and casual, it gives you the right blend of both worlds. Make a plan to buy one or two of these even if you are not into yoga, because style & fitness still matter for you. 


If you are on the lookout to find the best place to buy yoga pant wholesale, you’ll never go wrong with FASHIONLINE. It ensures excellent quality and trendy design combined with high caliber production speed. It offers over 500 new styles daily to keep up with the trend of the present time. As its exclusive logistic courier, DHL guarantees on-time delivery for your orders.


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The 2021 Guide to African Fashion Accessories



Fashion Accessories are magical. They are not only beautiful, but they can also make or mar an outfit. Accessories are like stars; your looks though can exist without them but are incomplete without them. They add colours and flavour to your clothes and they carry so much power and they make all the difference.

Fashion accessories are beautifying items, they compliment your outfits – jewellery, handbags, gloves, scarves, belts, watches, turbans, cufflinks, sunglasses, ties and waist beads in some cases.

The destiny (lol) of a look lies in the kind of accessories you pair it with. I know you are thinking “destiny?” Yes, destiny, lifeline- whatever you decide to call it. You can’t deny the fact that your accessories are as important as your outfits.

Like every other thing in the world, fashion accessories have evolved and changed over the years. They are as much a part of fashion history as any other thing. They are classic and timeless.

The 1950s was the decade fashion accessories came really popular. It was a decade of style and glamour, fashion accessories dominated the fashion industry, every outfit was planned to the last detail. Some of the most popular fashion accessories in the 1950s were gloves, hats and handbags.


Why African Accessories?

African accessories have become something people deem important for many reasons. For some, it’s their commitment to African traditions and culture, for some it’s about the significance of African accessories and for some others it can be a storage of wealth; like gold or precious metals and stones.

Some believe that wearing African accessories like beads, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, waist beads and so on is a way of staying connected to their African roots. Some just admire the beauty of these accessories.

African accessories can also be a symbol of royalty, power or prestige, beauty, tradition or strength, marital status, age, power and warrior-hood in some communities.

African accessories are created from materials like hide, porcupine quill, bone, animal teeth, animal hair, seeds, nuts, husks, sea and land shells, eggshell, wood, ivory and carved stone.

Top African accessories pick to compliment your looks

If you are looking for stunning African fashion accessories that make a statement, Ozoza Lifestyle is your best bet. All our accessories are made with materials sourced from all over Africa.

Isobe Ebony Round disc necklace

This gorgeous necklace is made with discs of Ebony wood and bones. They speak style, quality and substance. Beautifully crafted ebony round disc necklace transforms the collar of any outfit

This necklace can take your look from simple to sophisticated in no time.

Green Scarf necklace

Bold and head turning; This dynamic acrylic bronze, amber and brass necklace can be worn as a necklace or a belt

Absolutely ornate don’t you think?!

Tips to consider when choosing an African accessory

  1. Sometimes less is more – keep it simple. African accessories are most beautiful with simple outfits
  2. Avoid clashing patterns – try to stick to matching metallic colours
  3. Make sure the colours and patterns complement each other
  4. Choose between bright clothes or bold accessories. Don’t do both

Where to buy African accessories from

The best place to shop magical African fashion accessories is Ozoza Lifestyle. You get value for your money.

You should shop some stunning African accessories here, you will be glad you did.



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Watching gossip makes playing online a much more enjoyable experience. A good show can certainly improve any immersion. The bitcoin casino scene has exceptional games available for you to play while watching your shows. Crypto casino is a great way to mix gaming, and gossip, as you can watch all your shows, and it will be an enjoyable experience.