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What is the latest news on Ibogaine Treatment?



Ibogaine Treatment Ibogaine Treatment[/caption] Ibogaine has been around for a while now and its use is fast spreading around the world. A number of countries have incorporated the use of this substance in to help combat drug addiction. However, the use of the substance is unregulated. This means no specific doses are followed and it’s not known what other effects it has on people. However, many patients have reported success after going through the ibogaine treatment.   A research done by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs revealed that a good number of people have reported lasting positive effects after going through with the ibogaine detoxification for opioid addiction. However, a number of patients don’t get enough support after the treatment.   Ibogaine is found in the bark of a root of a West African plant known as the Iboga. This psychoactive substance has been found to help addicts with cravings and withdrawals. A number of researchers in the U.S. have developed an interest in this form of treatment due to the growing number of people reporting success with this treatment. In America, this form of treatment is yet to be legalized. However, many people are travelling abroad to seek Ibogaine treatment where it’s unregulated. Researchers also say that it will be important to establish under what conditions can the treatment be helpful to the patient.   In a research done on 73 people who went through an ibogaine detoxification treatment in Mexico from 2102 to 2015, at least 45% of the respondents said they reduced their opioid use. Another 36% said they never used opioids again while another 15% said they experienced no change in opioid use. Four percent said they increased their use. Nevertheless, a majority of the users in the research said they experienced positive results after the ibogaine treatment. From social, psychological and behavioral functioning, but still another majority said they found it difficult to incorporate ibogaine treatment in their day to day lives.   It’s important to understand that ibogaine-assisted detoxification isn’t a magic pill. Just like any other addiction treatment, many people run the risk of a relapse. Even worse is travelling to a country with the unregulated use of this substance as treatment. Building a support structure around the treatment is vital for a patient to report their success after recovering from an addiction. However, those that maintained abstinence or reduced their opioid intake reported great improvement in their mood and health among other aspects in life. For those who went through the treatment successfully reported a great positive impact on own self, what life means to them and how they appreciate it more than before, the ability to be a more fulfilling person, inner peace, joy, the capacity to cope with stressful situations, warm-heartedness and the ability to go through a difficult time while tolerating painful feelings.   Conclusion Ibogaine has shown great potential to help in the fight against drug addiction, but it’s still in the early stages of research to determine many other aspects of its use. In addition, there’re still some dangers associated with the use of the ibogaine and people should be careful about travelling to another country where the use of this substance is unregulated.  ]]>