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What Makes Mykonos a TOP summer destination



Mykonos promises holidays adorned with a cosmopolitan nightlife, whitewashed architecture, sandy beaches, VIP accommodation, and top-tier luxury services. And, the truth is that she has never broken that promise! Expect your days to revolve around the sugary shores, involving lots of sunbathing, water sports, swimming, and elite beach services (depending on where you are), before you either treat yourself with a laid-back dinner at a waterfront restaurant or even a late-night beach club or trendy cocktail spot. 

The best thing about Mykonos? The fact that it’s perfect for family vacations, holidays with your friends, or an escape with your partner to fire up the romance between the two of you! This island paradise, admittedly, has a lot to offer and plenty of things to do and see for the history aficionado, culture lover, party goer, tranquility seeker, shopping enthusiast, and life admirer. Here are just some of the components that will put Mykonos on a pedestal in your heart forever!


  1. The sandy beaches 

Drenched in ample Mediterranean sunshine and warm temps, the summertime in Mykonos is perfect for your beach side activities. Depending on the privacy level you desire, you can choose between at least 30 different beaches to spend your days either relaxing with nothing but the sound of the waves splashing to the shore, with only your birthday suit on (i.e., Elia Beach), or join the thrilling atmosphere and party ambiance of a beach like Paradise or Paraga, which also features open-air venues, such as bustling bars and world-renowned clubs for continuous fun. Of course, water sports are a top activity here, which makes sense, given the unique Mykonos underwater ecosystem and the magnificent sea that lay the table for windsurfing, snorkelling, SUP, and other action-packed endeavours.


  1. Charming local attractions, history & culture

The beating heart of the island is its vibrant capital, where, as expected, are most bars, restaurants, clubs, and local landmarks. Everything is right on your doorstep here, from art galleries and historic churches to designer boutiques offering an incredible shopping experience, and attractions the likes of the Windmills, the Old Town Hall, 1700s Panagia Paraportiani Church, and Armenistis Lighthouse – all enchanting with fantastic panoramic views of the coastline and the shimmering Aegean Sea. 

But, something as simple as a stroll through the cobblestone alleys of the Chora (another name for Mykonos Town – the capital), instils a magical hue to your daily ventures. So, feel free to wander through its streets, climb atop a scenic hill, bask in the glorious sun, watch the mesmerising wash of colours over the archipelago at sunset, and discover the many hidden gems of this island, with inviting short stops in between for a mouth-water local delicacy or a bite at a traditional taverna!


  1. Buzzing nightlife 

Mykonos is legendary for its electric nightlife and its never-ending party scene. Featuring an impressive range of clubbing venues and entertainment facilities, the Queen of the Cyclades knows how to liven up your evenings and how to walk you through the most vibrant nights until the early wee hours. Be it a beach club or a hotspot in the capital,  you’ll certainly not be short of options. All you need to do is choose between charming cafes, quaint bars, animated clubs, and the type of fun you want as you can find from loud-music events to drag queen shows and cabaret experiences.  


  1. LGBTQ+ friendly island  

The LGBTQ+ scene on Mykonos has been particularly diverse, vivid, and welcoming, since the 1970s. No wonder Mykonos is famed as one of the most inclusive and glam places to enjoy your holidays among the gay community. During the day, you can relax at a gay beach (i.e., Super Paradise beach) to soak up the sun, sip your tasty cocktails, and dip your toes in the sand before you take a refreshing dive in the transparent cobalt waters. After sunset, prime locations across the island (e.g., Babylon and Jackie O’) invite you to non-stop partying. The central cluster of the gay restaurants, bars, and clubs, though, are located in the Mykonos capital (the Old Town and Little Venice areas, primarily). 


  1. Ultimate luxury and pampering experiences

Mykonos is the undeniable Queen of the Cyclades. Her royal blood and regal upbringing show in every aspect of the Mykonos lifestyle. So, it won’t be an understatement to say that everything one expects to live here will be showered with utmost luxury. Indeed, luxury accommodation with private pools and elegant suites and villas overlooking the shimmering Aegean provide an amazing range of VIP services. These could even include private dining onboard a chic yacht, a private stretch of sand or the comfort of your stylish balcony. And, this is just a small taste of the exclusiveness and spoiling you can get on the captivating Greek island! 




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