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What Time of the Year Should you Clean Windows



Sparkly windows are an essential part of a clean, hygienic home. But window cleaning is one of the most underrated chores that most people tend to forget about. And even if we do remember, cleaning windows is quite a tedious task, which none of us are really fond of!  In fact, so many of us would prefer to not have to clean our own windows we hire professionals.  You can find your perfect window cleaner at Helpling.

The best way is to look out for window cleaners, equipment, and other essentials necessary to make this tedious chore a lot easier. Another important factor which most people miss out on is the time of the year when you should take up window cleaning.

Are you surprised to know this? Well, yes. Most people are not aware of the fact that windows have to be cleaned in a particular season only. Cleaning them in other seasons will not help, and you will end up with more dirty windows instead. So the question is – when should you clean your window so that they can stay clean the longest? Let’s understand window cleaning across different seasons.


Apart from the unpredictable rains, autumn is an ideal time to clean your windows. It isn’t too hot out there, and the drying time is not too high or too low; it’s just perfect. The chances of the cleaning products drying up quickly and leaving behind a residue are low. This keeps your windows clean for a longer duration.


This is the best time to get started with window cleaning. In your annual ‘spring cleaning,’ you can easily include window cleaning too and add to the beauty of your sparkly clean house! The weather is pretty pleasant (not too cold, not too warm), and your cleaning session should go perfectly well. The one drawback is that pollen can accumulate on the window’s exterior, making them look dirtier faster.


It may be all hot and sweaty out there, but apparently, this happens to be the best season to get your windows nice and clean! With quicker drying time, you can get your window cleaning done up in almost half the time you would require otherwise. With lesser chances of the rains coming and washing down the window cleaning away, summer is the best season to start with window cleaning.

Irrespective of the seasons, it is best to avoid window cleaning when the weather is stormy or windy. The wind carries debris and dust, which will settle on the windows, making them dirty over again.

Summing Up

With the weather getting all favorable, you would definitely want to host get-togethers. And there’s no perfect time to get your windows cleaned up inside out. While it is definitely a tedious task to clean up your windows by yourself, it is ideal to seek help from professional window cleaners. Not only will they come up with the latest technology equipment to get the job done in no time, but they will also help you suggest the right season to clean up your windows.  And remember, if you want to hire a professional to clean your windows then head on over to Helpling.