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What to give to your parents? Gift ideas for the ones who gave you the gift of life:



gift ideas for parents

They gave you birth, they gave you food, they sheltered you and they gave you everything they can just to make you happy. They helped you turn into the person you are today. They gave us many beautiful gifts when we are kids. What can you give to such people? Anything you ever give will feel less to you compared to all the things they did. It’s difficult to choose gifts for your parents when all you want to give them is the entire world and more. Because despite all that they’ve done for you, they just want you to be happy and they expect nothing else from you which just makes you want to give everything to them.

So, we compiled a list of gift ideas for your parents that they will love. Here are a variety of family-related gift ideas you can give to your parents. If you’re stuck to give something to your parents who have everything, this list contains gift ideas that they most probably won’t be having.

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  1. Reminder Calendar Board:

If yours is a huge family, you’d know the pain of keeping up with all the important dates for everyone. It will only be even more difficult for your parents to remember every birthday, anniversary, and celebration. This calendar has all the important events of each month. They are written on tiny wooden blocks hanging below each month. You can also mark them using pictures or icons. Besides using it for remembering, it’s a great memory keepsake containing the important days of our loved ones. The design is so creative and well made that it instantly attracts visitors.

  1. Llama customized family portrait:

The only thing that’s better than a family portrait is a family portrait of llamas! Every house should have a family portrait, but not all of them should be in a simple, boring way. In this portrait, you can design each llama according to the member of the family to give an accurate representation. They can be arranged in chronological order of their ages. It’s funny, sweet, thoughtful, lighthearted, and a little bit silly, just like how families are supposed to be! If llamas are not your thing, you can choose different animals from the various available options. Your family must already be owning a family portrait, but I bet they don’t own one with animals on it. This is a perfect gift for your parents if you want to give them something different.

  1. “What I love about you” books:

Do you always tell your parents how much you love them? If the answer is no, this is a gift you should definitely consider giving them. It’s hard to convey our feelings to someone, especially if they are close to us and we’ve known them our entire life. The closer they are, the more difficult it gets, and who else is closer to us than our parents? This gift is a personal and emotional book you can give them, from your heart to theirs. The innocence of this gift will remind them that you are always their little child. The only downside of this gift is that they might cry a bit too much from the joy and love they feel when they read this.

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  1. Bonsai Plant:

If there’s anything you know your parents are good at, it’s raising a living being. They did a tremendous job in raising you into the person you are today. They would love to grow this plant and will do a good job growing it too! It’s peaceful and nurturing and it adds to their daily routine to take care of it. It’s an unexpected gift that stays for several years. Along with this, you can give them a bonsai plant guide and the tools that are required to grow it so they can nurture their new plant.

  1. Family tree metal wall hanging:

This is a family tree in the form of a tree! It has six photo frames in both landscape and portrait modes. Instead of just hanging basic photo frames here and there, placing these will add to the aesthetics of the house.  While choosing a photo to frame and hang on the wall, we cannot stop with one. This gift allows you to choose up to six photos. The clever way of having a family tree in the form of a tree is like icing on the cake!

  1. Engraved cutting board:

This is a gift that combines utility with a pinch of personalization. Your parents are going to use this for a long time. Life starts and ends with food. For those who cook, a good cutting board is an absolute necessity. Giving this gift is a testament to all those amazing meals your parents have done for you. Next time you visit your parents, they are going to prepare a meal for you using the cutting board that you gave them. They are going to love this practical gift for sure!

  1. Family signboard:

This is a perfect gift for those parents who prefer simplistic and classy things over tacky and over-the-top ones. It’s a signboard of the family name to hang on the wall. It’s a different way of commemorating your family, by the family’s name instead of family’s pictures. It gives modern home vibes and it’s a great gift for the families who take pride in their names. You can customize it as you like, by changing the size, color, font size, frame and unframed, and many more. It’s a simple yet, effective gift to give.

  1. Online Flowers:

Sending flowers is a classic gift that’s as old as time. Be it any age, everyone appreciates a bouquet on their front door. They fill the room with joy and nature’s fragrance. If you can’t physically meet your parents, sending flowers is a great idea to bring smiles to their faces. Select the flowers which your parents specifically like and send them along with a lovely note and they’ll be more than satisfied receiving them. Flowers may last only for a day or two, but the impact they create is immense.

  1. “What a difference a day makes” burlap plaque:

This is another simple gift that is so sweet and thoughtful. It has the important dates of each family member with a note below saying, “what a difference a day makes”. It represents the importance of such days and how much difference a day can make in our lives. It’s a deep and philosophical take on life that reflects on the appreciation of the special days you had. It can be placed on a coffee table, or a bedside table as you like. Your parents will love the meaning behind it and will appreciate it a lot.

  1. ‘The greatest parents’ plaque:

Why hold it in when you can let it out? It’s time to tell your parents how amazing they are. Now with this plaque, your words are going to stay with them forever in front of their eyes. Believe me, when I say, they are going to consider this as the greatest treasure. Despite receiving all the materialistic things from you, they get real happiness by receiving your love. This plaque with your note can be placed on their tables as it comes at a comfortable size. Not only are they going to love this, but they’re also going to cherish this forever!

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3. In Little Amounts, Mix the Melted Butter into the Sugar

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4. Combine the Eggs One at a Time While Mixing

Eggs should be broken immediately into the bowl containing the butter and sugar mixture. After the eggs have been broken, use your spoon to give them a quick beating, swirling them into the butter and sugar.

5. Vanilla, Salt, and Baking Soda Should be Measured and Combined

Now is the time to thoroughly combine the batter. Make sure there are no leftover clumps and that the batter is uniform in color. Instead of adding the salt and baking soda to the flour, you may combine them in a separate dish with the flour.

6. Stir All of the Flour at Once

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7. Incorporate the Chocolate Chips

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8. Scoop the Batter onto the Baking Sheet, Leaving About 5 Centimeters Between Each Dough Ball

Use a tablespoon to measure the dough and then roll it into slightly rounded balls roughly the size of ping-pong balls. You may make it bigger or smaller depending on your preferences!

9. Cook the Cookies for Nine to Eleven Minutes

Take them out when they appear puffed up when they have set around the edges, and when they are dry to the touch. On the baking sheet, you should let them cool down for a few minutes. They will eventually collapse in on themselves when the temperature drops.

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