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What To Visit In Nigeria?



Nigeria is one of the largest countries in Africa and one that has something to offer to tourists coming from every corner of the world. It has both beautiful and intact nature and fascinating local cultures that are fascinating to explore and learn about.

One of the best ways to explore a huge country such as Nigeria is to get an international driving license Nigeria authorities will recognize. That way you can drive your own car and learn about the country at your own pace.


Calabar is one of the most interesting places to visit and also the capital of the state of Cross River. It’s a state known for its rainforests and all the natural beauty that it has to offer. The rainforests are home to local gorillas, chimps, and rare rockfowl. The city itself is a stop for those visiting the southern coast of the country or traveling to Cameroon.


Before moving on to the beautiful countryside outside the city, make sure to explore Calabar itself, and especially its museums and local bazaars and markets, which will allow you to experience the city and its local aesthetic and ambiance.


Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and the largest city in Africa. It’s a city of 18 million people and visiting it is like visiting any other bustling metropolis in the world. It’s also a port city and therefore it features an amazing mixture of culture. The streets are filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants, and visiting tourists need to take their time and explore them.

Takwa bay is a great destination for those who enjoy water skiing and other water sports. However, it’s also known for its history and a place it had in the trade slave, which is recognized and taught in numerous local museums.



Abeokuta is the capital of Ogun State. It’s located just a bit north of Lagos and it’s somewhat isolated from the area it’s based in. The city is somewhat of an island and it’s surrounded by local farms and maize of palm oil plantations.

The city also features a fort that now hosts a museum. It’s also a good place to get some souvenirs as many tourists do. They are usually in a form of local artwork of the replicas of the cave art that can be found in the region.

Yankari National Park


Yankari national park attracts tourists that are looking for the famous herds of elephants for which the park is known. The park also features cave art and other relics of the old civilizations that were once dominant in the region and therefore provide a glimpse into the ancient history of Africa.

Ecotourism is an important part of Nigeria’s plans to attract visitors and nature is pristine in this area. More than 20.000 people visit the area every year to set up lodges and experience the park from within without any of the modern distractions or sources of pollution.  Make sure to check it out even for a short time you have while traveling elsewhere.

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