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What You Need to Know about Moving House in 2021



Though not all, 2020 by general consensus was a tough year for most people. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the outlook of the year as we all had envisioned it, forcing many people to reevaluate their plans.

Job losses, salary cuts, and business closure only served to exacerbate what was already an uncertain situation.

But as things begin to get back on track in 2021, so does normal life which, although will take time to readjust to with the health measures that look set to be with us even as most of the world gets vaccinated, is slowly starting to grind forward after a long hiatus.

Moving was already taking place even during the pandemic, but for a lot of people, this year will be a better time to move house due to the reduced risk of infection.

If you’re one of those gearing up for a move in 2021, we have some tips that should make it less of a stressful experience for you.

Booking a mover early in advance will save you money and frustration

Sometimes, the decision to move is made last-minute so you don’t have the luxury of time per se.

But if you already know you’ll be moving at some point during the year, usually it’s best practice to start getting your ducks in a row in advance. A key part of that entails booking a moving company ahead of time, preferably two or even three months in advance.

Despite the many mover options you may think are available to you, movers tend to get fully booked especially during the warmer months when it’s peak moving season.

Assuming you even manage to get a reputable company at the last minute, be prepared to deal with higher moving costs than you would normally pay.

Evaluating movers and asking questions will be to your benefit

Resist the impulse to go with the mover that promises the lowest rates. Usually, there is a trade-off to be made. Either the service you’ll be getting will be limited in terms of what you’ll be getting, or it will be shoddy; probably both.

The phrase “cheap is expensive” very much applies in the case of moving companies, so take your time to evaluate who you’ll be moving with. This doesn’t mean good movers cost a fortune. There are plenty who can guarantee you quality service without taking you to the cleaners.

At the same time, while things are slowly calming down, it’s still important to ask your mover what health precautions they’re taking with respect to Covid-19 and if their team has been vaccinated.

Avoid peak moving times if you can

We’ve mentioned peak moving season in our first point, but to expound on that, we would advise to avoid moving during this period if you can.

If your schedule is flexible, avoid the summer months as these are the most expensive to move since there are more people jostling for the same resources, causing moving company prices to rise, never mind rental costs.

As well, more people tend to move during the weekends and start/end of the month so if you can, you might want to opt for weekdays or the mid-month weekends.

But keep in mind your lease expiry date and how you can navigate around that, and your destination too. For example, January might be the cheapest month to move, but you might have to contend with adverse weather (including snow and ice) depending on location.

Disinfecting should still be part of your routine

Again, with most people already vaccinated by the time you’re reading this, observing proper hygiene like we had become accustomed to at the height of the pandemic might not seem like a priority, but it’s something that should still be part and parcel of your routine.

This especially applies to families with young children – and babies even more so.

There’s a peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done your due diligence as far as health precautions go. Thus, make sure to thoroughly disinfect your home after settling in.



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