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What you should do before you call for an Emergency Electrician?



Have you ever been in that situation, you know, where your electricity has just gone out and no one knows the reason why? Believe it or not, this happens to a lot of people. No power and you worry about the food in the fridge and freezer, no internet and no television for the kids (if you have them). Well, there are things you can do before even attempting to call an electrician and spending your much-needed cash, We have provided a list below to show a small list of things you can do, before even worrying about calling your emergency electrician.  You need not learn how to become an electrician to do these simple things.

First thing is check you fuses or MCBS

I would suggest the first thing you do if your power goes, is having a look at your fuse board or electrical consumer unit.
If you have the old type of fuses with the fuse wire, then pull them out and check if everything is still intact. If you have the newer type worth MCB’s, then make sure that they are all in the up position. Once this has been checked you can move on. You would have known all this if you had read the electrician career guide.

Check your RCD has not tripped


If your RCD has tripped, then put it back in the up position. If the RCD trips again, then we would advise that you unplug everything in the property and try again. Now some people don’t seem to realise this, when we say everything, we mean everything. From the cooker and Fridge to all the televisions in every room. If this doesn’t work, you can then start to look at alternatives, you can switch off all the MCB’s and switch on the RCD again. If the RCD stays up then you can start to put the MCB’s in the up position 1 at a time. Eventually one will trip the MCB, this will be the circuit with the fault and you can at least use all the other electrics in the house by keeping this MCB switch down. If this doesn’t work, then there are no alternatives in this method, and you will have to call an Ulladulla electrician.

Check you main meter

This may sound silly but there are a few reasons we say this, the first thing to do is obviously check to make sure the meter is on, if it is not then call the Local supplier straight away. If it is on and it’s a pay as you go meter then make sure you check if you don’t have a debt on the meter, Believe it or not this happens more regularly than you think. The amount of times we have been called out for a simple “please top up your electric key” is surprising and honestly a complete waste of money for yourself. 

Once you have done the above, you can confirm that your power is certainly off and it may be a good idea to now start calling an emergency Denver electricians. When calling your electrician deniliquin, ensure they have all the qualifications required. Also make sure that you know exactly what you are asking them to do by doing the above. This way you maybe able to save on some cost but please ensure that whoever you employ is a registered and qualified industrial electrician seattle. We undertake all our works around the London and Essex areas, this can be a highly competitive market in regards to pricing, please make sure you shop around and get the best deal possible by a reputable company. You can do this these days simply by seeing if the company is on google or other reviewing websites.