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Here is what to expect on DStv this week and beyond. Thu 14 Sep 2017, 18:00 | Crime + Investigation (170) For detectives, the key to solving the toughest homicides lies somewhere within the final 24 hours of the victim’s life. Homicide: Hours to Kill, a true-crime documentary series, follows these determined investigators as they piece together events during this critical window to reconstruct the timeline of the murder, unlock the motive and identify the perpetrator. From jealous spouses and obsessed stalkers, to buried secrets and smoking guns, every episode is a deadly puzzle where viewers follow every step of the pulse-pounding search.   Dynamo: Live At The O2 Fri 15 Sep 2017, 18:10 Discovery Family (136) The world’s most innovative magician, Dynamo, performs his own brand of genre-bending tricks and incredible sleight of hand in front of a live arena audience of 10,000 people. The world’s most innovative magician, Dynamo, performs his own brand of genre-bending tricks and incredible sleight of hand in front of a live arena audience of 10 000 people. He has travelled the world from Los Angeles to Mumbai and with his unique style of magic has delighted and confused everyday people as well as celebrities. Don’t miss this thrilling one-time special event – you’ll be amazed at his own brand of genre-bending tricks, This show is shrouded in secrecy and is guaranteed to delight you with Dynamo’s 10 years of experience performing magical illusions.   The Wendy Williams Show Fri 15 Sep 2017, 14:55 | BET (129) ‘S8/E9 New York DJ, syndicated radio host, TV personality and best-selling author Wendy Williams discusses celebrity gossip and news events. After a production break, talk show diva Wendy Williams returns! She dishes the latest celebrity dirt on “Hot Topics”, the much-loved segment of her daytime show. Then, opinionated Wendy (and we do value her opinion) tells it like it is in “Ask Wendy”, where audience members receive real-life advice from the host herself. Tune in to watch Hollywood’s hottest stars reveal all on Wendy’s couch ‘cause you can’t keep any secrets from this sassy   Absolutely Fabulous Fri 15 Sep 2017, 16:31 | BBC Brit (120) “S1/E1 – Fashion“. Edina gives up alcohol, but her will is tested when Princess Di declines an invite to her fashion show. Absolutely Fabulous is a comedy phenomenon about a Sixties teenager who never grew up and her sex-mad friend who are still into drink, drugs and parties, while her stuffy daughter studies and keeps house. Don’t miss the brilliant stars Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders in this award winning comedy. Mission: Saturn Sun 17 Sep 2017, 15:20 | National Geographic (181) National Geographic will premiere Mission Saturn, the first full documentary highlighting the historic mission to put a spacecraft into Saturn’s orbit for the first time, featuring same-day footage as the Cassini mission comes to an epic end on 15 September. Mission Saturn, which premieres on National Geographic the same day as the mission’s end on Friday, 15 September 2017, will give an incredible first full look at Cassini’s Saturn mission and shine a spotlight on the team that dreamt of exploring the planet deeper than ever before. This mission has taken immense risks and endured almost a decade longer in space than expected, shedding light on alien worlds and the existence of Saturn’s Earth-like moons that contain the key components essential to harbouring life. Live From The Red Carpet Sun 17 Sep 2017, 22:00 | E! Entertainment Television (124) ‘S17/E7 – The 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards’. On the red carpet of the Primetime Emmy Awards. The TV equivalent of the Oscars, the Prime Time Emmy Awards is one of the industry’s most iconic annual events, and is live from the USA. Awards include Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Drama Series. Exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of who showed up, and also who wore what and who got it wrong – according to the fashion police. Marvel’s Spider-Man Mon 18 Sep 2017, 15:40 | Disney XD (304) “S1/E6 – Origins”. When Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, he uses the five steps of the scientific method to diagnose what is happening to him. The American animated series is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and is produced by Marvel animation. Don’t miss the exciting action, with Peter Parker balancing his superhero life with school and his personal relationships, while battling evil threats. It’s back to basics as his personal story unfolds.  ]]>

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